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Don't Think You Can Mediate? Yeradmi Gomes is Here to Help

Last Played: July 01, 2021
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Yeradmi Gomes offers practical advice on how to get comfortable with a new meditation practice on the "Food Heaven" podcast. In order to find your own unique style of meditation, Gomes suggests simply sitting or laying down on the ground and foregoing any preconceived notions of what meditation is "supposed" to look like.
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practical things because I think for people that have never tried meditating I remember like when I first started doing it consistently, it just felt so weird and foreign to like, sit in silence and like, close my eyes and I would kind of like, open them every few seconds to be like, Okay, Is anyone else here? Like So what are some things like for someone who's like Okay, so should I be like sitting on something firm or like, Can I do it on my bed? Or like, what? Does that look like? Practically speaking for someone who wants to start doing it consistently? Yeah, so if this were 5000 years ago, you would. There was There's like a master and there's someone that teaches you a guru, whatever. And you have to sit a certain way for this many hours, like monks and people that are really heavily into this work like there. It's almost like they're disciples of the work, right? And so there is a very specific way to do it if you're looking for tradition, if you're looking to do it the way it was taught originally, and all of that is very beautiful what I think because we are in a very different time, right, like 2020 is very different than 5000 years ago. So we are different because of that, whatever it is that you need to make your body comfortable. Whether that's I would say, Try it on the floor, put a couple blankets down and see what it's like for you to lean up against the wall cross legged and see how you feel. I did this for years, and that was part of my back, where I would be super uncomfortable and my goal. My intention. With this time that I'm allotting myself in the day, I want to be comfortable so that I can get out of my own physical body and just kind of like let whatever experience that is that I'm that I'm going through for it to happen so you can lay down right? Grab a couple pillows and place them under your knees like one underneath each knee. Or if you have a bolster like put that under your knees, lay down, place a blanket on top and see how you feel. Maybe place another blanket underneath your head. Get yourself really comfortable. If you don't want to do it on the floor or do it in your bed and you might fall asleep. Great. But at least you set yourself up. You got into the habit of building that muscle, and either if you're listening to something or if you're just timing yourself and just giving yourself some space for whatever it is that that is present for you to to happen, then that's what it is. It doesn't have to be this whole, like big setup. I've been there where my knees are on fire, and I heard that, too, where it's like you have to just like power through it. And it's like that doesn't make any that that never 20 time You're literally thinking about the knee or you're thinking about that and then you're like, So, yeah, I mean, yeah, exactly. No, it's the same, like with workouts, though, with people like power through it, like feel the Bern. And I'm like, I don't want to feel the burn like it's not meant to me. It's like I don't want it to be a painful process. It's like I was gonna say it's the opposite of like intuitive. Anything like intuitive eating, intuitive movement. That's one of the things with meditation, where you here, like no, just suffer through. Or it's like sometimes I'll start out in my face is itching or something and it's like, Well, thank you, always catch, Yeah, I always got the whole idea here Is that these tools that we receive and that we learned when? When? When we are practicing, whatever our practices for the day or the moment it is training our bodies to basically to set. It's like setting ourselves up for when stressful situations arise. For us to be able to bring those tools into that into those moments, because the mind doesn't really know the difference between a really stressful situation and a really peaceful one. It's the way the body reacts, right? So if the body is really is activated by a certain person or a certain situation, then that creates a whole whole thing in the mind and the body and the brain hormones, all these other things, right? And so if we are, we take that and let's say I'm really flustered and I really am so annoyed with something, and I'm like crying and I'm I'm upset and I take some time to be like, Wow, I really feel this and I'm breathing through it and and maybe even crying through it or whatever it is, I'm also teaching myself how to regulate, which is it's a powerful tool because there's going to be always stress in our lives. There's always going to be something right, this idea of like one day we're just gonna be. But while we're here as humans on this planet, there's going to be triggers everywhere. So think about it as like you kind of like suiting up for when those stressful situations come. Because before I would be a mess over conversations when I was a teenager, early twenties, like little things that people would tell me I was Now, obviously, I know all the connections that that has and the trauma and all the different things that that has created. But with these practices, I'm able to better to better respond and to like, take care of them.
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