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Drugs on Alki

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I got Tuesday off shit. One of the Days I'm digging up sand and looking for bags of cash, seven $1000 or $7 million. That's so wild. Let's see one resident called Deputies after he found a bag full of what he believed to be drugs while walking on the beach west of town on April seven. Um, investigators later determined the bag contained about 60 lb of meth and nearly three lbs of cocaine. Damn. Those bags were determined to be full of meth and weighed 342 lbs. So heavy. Those are the multiple bags are heavy ass bag. Exactly. If you were on Al Qaeda and you saw that bag, what would you do? Girl Hunt? I think I've learned. If I see a random ass bag anywhere, I'm not, I'm turning away. Not today. And then say you, you turn it in Like later on you read the article and it said it was like, you know all this information you're reading right now. Yeah, that would be wild. I'd be like shit glad it wasn't me because my black ass they'd think I was the one you wouldn't think to like okay let me look and then you find out that it's cocaine. It's a while like let me let me just take a chunk and sell it. I do not first. I don't know what the fuck to do with cocaine girl. I don't know what the fuck is. Okay and then have my fingerprints all up on the bag. You wouldn't you wouldn't like your brain wouldn't go to that address. Like bro if I just sell a small chug a quarter of first off my brain will seize a random ass bag and it goes and says bitch we're not even that fucking concern. Go the fuck is that your bag? No doesn't have your name on it. No. Did anybody ask you to get it? No? Yeah, turn it around. That's fair. Yeah. My brain, I mean my brain would go both ways because it's so funny because even I guess this would kind of be considered like a scam. So the other week my boyfriend and I, we were in the dispensary and a dude just ran in like, hey, did somebody drop $100 bill? And I was, I immediately was like, no, I didn't drop $100 bill. And then he was, he looked at my boyfriend and my boyfriend was like, no, I didn't drop $100 bill because I never fucking oh and then he dropped the $100 bill in the tip jar and then continued to look around the dispensary and then is my boyfriend and I were checking out the bud tender came over to the bartender who was checking us out and was like this is a fake ass $100 bill, like it was just counterfeit money, and it was like One side was 101 side was the 20. Uh And I was like, see that's exactly why any time I see big ass bills like just randomly, I don't fuck with them, but if I see a 20 or 50 sure I'll pick it up. But if I see 100 never touching that shit. Yeah, Because one day my boyfriend and I were driving to and uh we turned down a random mass street, there was some green in the middle of the road and he was like get out, I think there's some money. Then I was like, Oh shit, I think I saw it too. Good. Good thing you stopped. I ran out, grabbed it was a $20 bill. We was solid. No way. Fuck yeah my eyes be lurking whenever I'm driving now, wow. But yeah, no fucking scammers trying to wash their fucking money and it's almost always hundreds. It's well I don't want to say always, but a lot of times it's hundreds because it's harder for them to get rid of. So they'll do weird ass shit with it. I didn't know people do Home girl. Yes. And anytime anybody offers you some money girl. No, thank you. Yeah.
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