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Early Panic Button for Arsenal

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@vincetracy and @ericmalpus discussed the problem's being faced by #Arsenal and #Arteta with #SolCampbell eager to offer his expertise. #Antonio and #Lukaku are proving to be revelations in the new season with #Sntonio standing out as the new Hammer's hero. His goalscoring celebration went down well
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@vincetracy and @ericmalpus discussed the problem's being faced by #Arsenal and #Arteta with #SolCampbell eager to offer his expertise. #Antonio and #Lukaku are proving to be revelations in the new season with #Sntonio standing out as the new Hammer's hero. His goalscoring celebration went down well withe commentators. We discussed great goals and results around the #PremierLeague with #DannyIngs scoring a great goal for #AstonVilla. In passing we noted how strong #Chelsea look and how #ManCity have got seriously nack on track at the expense of #Norwich. In passing we noted #WestBrom and #Fulham going well in the #Championship.
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first of it in a certain up against Shell. So let's not forget Chelsea has such a powerful side now, not many changes going to get much joy out with Chelsea, that's for sure. Yeah, so we're gonna have to give him a yeah, they did come back and they took in the chances, I think a couple of chances you might have made it that game of it, but at the end of the day, Charles were fasting there and maybe he could have stepped up another gear fast another school, you know, but we never know that, you know, I have to say, I do agree with you with Soul Campbell. You see the sad thing is probably underlying somewhere will be the race card and it's very difficult in this modern environment because you can't really seemingly criticize anybody if they've got certain things that the local art want to jump on. Or even sometimes the person themselves don't look at their own shortcomings and rather dwell on things that really are not fair to sort of bring into the equation because at the end of the day, it's whether you can manage your team with, I mean, you know, both you and I have got admiration for the man as a player. He is, he was a terrific player and I think what I would be tending to do if, if this was viable is I would maybe bring him in as a, as somebody that could maybe help the defense. You know, they bring in specialist coaches for certain other parts of the game. Arteta wasn't known as a mean defender where a Soul Campbell can be that man. So possibly um if they really tap into the energy that he's got that he's got and can offer maybe it would be good to bring him in and also help him developers is management career, you know, because like everybody, if you meet the right people and Arteta could well be somebody that could help him. Um I mean looking at Arteta's to next games, west brom are on a roll, they are really doing well in the championship. So that's going to be a difficult game, it's going to be a cup game. So again they've got the chance to show arsenal the way home, so to speak. Um And then of course they've got Man City the week after. So I don't really think that even that would be a fair trial for R theta. I think that you know, it's like a lot of um things that happened early on. If you look at knowledge, you know Liverpool first week Man City the second week, it's not really the easiest of times. I think he needs a little bit more time. I don't know how much time they'll give him though. That's the problem if you spend 100 and 30 million it's difficult eric because everything is this business of only coming first, which is nonsense. You've got to live with the fact that one team will win and all the other teams are playing for the lower places. I really think that we were losing our way with this money money world and you know, you can see straight away arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, even Brentford Crystal Palace, I mean, you know you've got some great teams in London and this year, I think more than maybe some of the other years you're likely to have a big battle going on between Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and the Southern clubs. I think it's going to be quite an exciting season, don't you? Yeah, I agree entirely. Uh it's a material to start judging anybody at this moment in that I feel a little bit sorry for obsessive for the reason that he has a lot of injuries at the moment. It, I mean, so tell me how to go about the defense, but at the moment it's not that it's defense together. You know where the ones who is going to be placed in each at the moment, they're all over the place, different grades are coming in and going out, but also you settle down and that's when you can organize the defense. If you keep making changes everything. It's very difficult to organize what's the fact that He just got a goalkeeper for 30 million and it looks like he's going to be in the understory Terreno. But then again they may have bought in just put pressure on, you know, I don't know, it's a a fully accessible that's on at the moment. I think we have had a bit of bad luck as well. I mean obviously the first game of the season meant for the way in a way if you play these teams that's just come up early on in the season, you found it very difficult to be if you understand what I mean, particularly playing them away from home when Brentford proves to be the case, ask them must have done their with their own gratitude and then just roll it towards them, you know, to live comfortably obviously weekend nobody's going to get much changed out with Charles. The overall. So up to now we're all mhm. Only the street. So things are not looking too good when we have the international debate. So that will give everybody a chance to get fit and come back and then it's three games and then a noble international break. So up to them to international breaks. I don't think it's going to be easy to judge anyone and don't forget early on this season and run away with the league. But after about six games and I'll say it was halfway down the league. Yeah, yeah. And of course our own team. Yeah, everybody needs a weapon. But at the moment setter an arsenal of whipping barbers, you know, because they expected so much of them because they all the big clubs have been will be talked in the league and now we've got changed like West ham who are coming through nicely. A couple of other clubs like needs, which I see other change coming from and change like arsenal and spurs, we don't have to pull what's up means to stay in the top six. Yeah, because we already have a good side as well. I can't say that after last night, but just a bit unfortunate. Well, yeah, we will talk about those pictures. But I mean looking at the way arsenal were playing in that second half against Chelsea. I thought they were very excited. I thought the level of skill was amazing. I mean, looking at the surface, they had a great surface that they were playing on. I think sometimes we forget that, uh, you know what we used to think was great and they were great players were playing on fields that were really awful at times. Um, you know, you couldn't have uh, Ferried the ball about the way that you can these days. Uh, I think that technology and the changes, the way that the pictures are managed again is such a difference that, you know, in this day and age, you see a totally different thing. And I do feel that it's not really fair to even produce a league table after two games for me. You know, maybe they shouldn't, maybe they shouldn't produce it till the third game. I think, I think, you know, people are, are saying things which prejudice other people and of course if you're one of the managers who haven't done well I mean look look at say knowledge, you hear it straight away. People are talking about them going down. Um you know, give him a chance. They only play two games. Okay, well look, let's go next. You say there's two games against a little over a month say and this week we've got listed it. I mean it probably gets a tough way but they're not going to admit it. I'll stay up by winning those games. It's the games when it's changed near the bottom with them. You know where they got winter games important game when it comes to playing it seems at the bottom. Yeah, very very good point. Eric Um Okay, so now reading the game from one of the websites authorities have ordered a four match stand closure and then arrested a man after ugly scenes caused nieces League one game with Marseille to be abandoned. This is a popular stand of the nice Allianz Riviera Stadium and it was because of a brawl between fans and players. And this 28 year old guy has been taken into custody and Marseille Dimitri Payet was hit by a bottle and threw it back into the crowd causing fans to storm the pitch. Um Niece's players return to the pitch after a delay but Marseille didn't now of course it was the 89th minute of the game. So obviously Marseille, I think doing a little bit of play acting there. I've got to say though, um that looking at what went on, I think a obviously it's deplorable that somebody throws a bottle out of a crowd as a player. So they've got to get that one, sort it out very, very quickly. The mayor of nice christian Estrosi has said the violence is unacceptable and he's absolutely right. But I think for the player to throw the bottle back into the crowd is absolutely ridiculous. You know, that really is not a very professional way to conduct yourself. I mean, I know that obviously having a bottle thrown at you is not the best thing, but that was only ever going to inflame the situation, wasn't there? Yeah, I don't even know that football is not blessed with brains out and this guy is probably one of those two years, got more brains, but throwing it back was just asking for trouble. I can remember a few years ago, it must be a few years, but once he played Man United and maybe they can just taking a corner and people were throwing crimes that what he did, he just picked out and picked up the money what was going on and like put it in his pocket. Well that was brilliant, You know, you know, things like that with a sharp suspected something like that. But throwing the bottle back just shows a what I don't care. They must have been the guy doing it because it's kind of like way I've got to say by the way it wasn't a glass, it wasn't a glass bottle. I think sometimes it easy it gets easy to inflame the situation by not explaining that because I know it's yeah, you know, it's not on throwing any sort of bottle but a water bottle uh of plastic. I mean it's not gonna really seriously maim you and coming from a distance. I don't think it's probably Half as bad as the players made out. I think they were just probably looking for an excuse at 89 minutes and one nil down. In actual fact, further into the article, they showed you pictures of some of the injuries of the players. And to be honest with you, it was the sort of thing that you'd expect any rugby player to come off with, the type of injuries that they've got. You know, just like scuffs and I think the more frightening part is the pitch invasion, I think, you know, players, no matter how good or bad the playing, I think they should be protected and obviously you really can't allow the
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