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Elizabeth Barlow Meets with The Amelia Project

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The Amelia Project
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Elizabeth Barlow meets with The Amelia Project and brainstorms her ideal fake death in order to get back at her cheating ex-husband. The Amelia Project is a secret agency that helps people fake their own deaths and disappearances and provides them with a new identity.
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It was Rupert's 40th, and I organized a surprise party. I invited everyone we know family, friends, neighbors, colleagues. Rupert didn't have a clue. He's on his way home, and I tell the guests to be quiet. I call him in his car and put it on speaker phone so the guests can hear. Rupert, honey, I'm so sorry I've been called out for work. Won't be back until late. You're going to have to spend your birthday evening alone. There's fresh lasagna in the fridge and a bottle of pinot noir. I'll make it up to you, I promise. I hang up and we all run into the hallway to take up our positions. Streamers and champagne at the ready, waiting for the door to open. We wait and wait and wait. What on earth has happened to him? Has he had an accident and scared sick Hardly dare make the call. When I do, he picks up immediately. Sounds cheerful. What are you doing? I ask. Oh, just chilling on the sofa watching Q. I The lasagna is excellent that I noticed everyone's staring at me. The speaker phone was still on. Well, stuff me like an olive That is embarrassing. Embarrassing? It's more than embarrassing. He humiliated me in front of everyone I know. What did you do? I sent him a text. Get the fuck home. 20 minutes later, the door opens and we chuck streamers and confetti. You went ahead with the party and excruciating five hours of pretending everything was OK. Grinning, toasting, Celebrating Rupert? No. Through this cup. What? Why? It will make you feel better. No. Uh huh. She's called Tiffany 26. A junior analyst at Goldman's. They're getting married. Mhm. Okay, give it here. Yeah. Oh, nice through. Thanks. Do you want the pot too? Do you know what the most insulting thing is? The day we signed the divorce papers, he bought me a Lamborghini, which is bad because he wants to stay. Friends thinks he can buy himself out of being an asshole. Lamborghini is a Lamborghini. Oh, please. I'm sure it hardly made a dent in his bonus. He's not letting me keep the house. He's not that generous. I have to be out by the end of the month. Make space for Tiffany. At the moment. You're in the house and he's with Tiffany. Yes, and He wants to be friends. Yes. How can we help? Everything in his life is so easy. I want to shake him out of his complacency. Make him suffer. I want him to see me die. Horrible, messy death. I want him to realize he can't pay his way out of this one. Some things have consequences. In that case, may I suggest suicide? Yes. Suicide is good. How about an overdose of tranquilizers? You call him and tell him to come over immediately. He finds you unconscious on the bathroom floor. Joey and Salvatori burst in posing as paramedics. We'll be waiting right outside in a van and have your stomach pumped in no time. Well, tell your husband you died. We'll say it was painful. Mm. I was thinking perhaps something nasty.