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Ella McCray Melts Into Mirages

From Audio: Chapter 1
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Six people saw Ella McCray last before she went missing just before a wedding. Most noticed a behavior change, but all saw something weird related to her. But none of the stories connect just right.
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think she was a little nervous for a few days before just you know, wedding stuff stress. He was distracted, really distracted. L. Has always been high energy active, you know? But today was different. She was hyper I guess would be the best way to put it. We had lunch at the ranch house so Jordan and july and I could meet Dalton for the first time and the whole time Ellen just couldn't stop fidgeting. It was like she was six years old again. I did think her behavior during lunch was a little odd. Hell is usually so friendly, very social, very at ease with large groups of people. But today at the ranch house she seemed agitated. She didn't respond when I asked her a question core asked her what was wrong, but she just brushed it off at the time. I just thought it was the pressure of her family meeting me for the first time. It's it's like the girl was tweaking out or something man. I mean oh fuck not literally. L. A. Would never do anything like that. I just mean she was amped up like all over the place. She didn't touch her food at lunch. She kept, I don't know, humming or singing something under her breath. I couldn't tell what it was. I got to the house while they were having lunch. The property owners wanted me to drop off a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine since it was an engagement party. The owners also own the tasting room where I work. You know my other job. So I just went straight from the winery to the ranch house to drop off the bottle. I met all of them then, including Ella. I don't know what she's like normally, but she seemed distracted at the time. Can you describe what happened just before the disappearance? Well, I dropped off the bottle of wine and congratulated them on their engagement. I was just about to leave at that point. But L. A. Stopped me. She asked about hiking the hiking trails around the property. She asked if there was a river, I told her yes or it's a stream really. But yes. And then L. A. Just like like straight up demanded that the Sabrina woman show her where the water was. It was um it was pretty awkward to be honest. We hadn't really planned on hiking. The plan had been to go to some of the wineries. But yeah, Ellis seems just really set on hiking to the river near the edge of the property. Well uh I wanted to take a walk. There's nothing weird about that. I just I just wish I'd stopped her. I felt a little put on the spot, but it wasn't a long walk to the water so I decided it couldn't hurt. We were walking down to the river and I asked her what was up and she said she could here something. I didn't know what she meant. I asked her what it was and she seemed like she couldn't really describe it but she said she was looking for it and she thought it was down by the river. Now I realize this is difficult. But could you walk through what happened at the river and as much detail as you can please? We we went down the hiking trail through the woods and we came to this spot next to the river. It's not even a river really, it's just a stream. And yeah and Ella, she seems distracted like she could hear something and she went ahead of the rest of us and she stood on, this is big flat rock on the edge of the river. And then look, I know how crazy this is gonna sound, but I swear to God this is what I saw. Earth. What I thought I saw, I heard this weird buzzing noise and the air got really hot and really dry. I thought I was having a stroke. I'm a nurse and I've had patients describe something like that. But then I started seeing things. The river just dried up, just all of the water gone. It happened in like 10 seconds and then the landscape was just different that area, it was so pretty before you know, hills covered in grass and lots of trees and streams. Okay. All of that was just gone. It was just desert, totally barren desert to just flat and hot and dry like the areas around phoenix and ellis Two walked right off into the desert. She just walked away and I tried to follow her, but I looked down at the ground for a second, and when I looked up, the stream was back where it belonged, and the desert was gone.