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Email Marketing Expert Emily McGuire on Getting More Results from Your Emails: The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 69

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The ROI Online Podcast
Duration: 52:17
Do you feel like your marketing emails don’t deliver anything but unsubscribes and spam flags? On this episode of the ROI Online Podcast, email marketing guru Emily McGuire shares the key elements of an effective email marketing strategy and practical tips to help you create one now.Emily McGuire wa
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Do you feel like your marketing emails don’t deliver anything but unsubscribes and spam flags? On this episode of the ROI Online Podcast, email marketing guru Emily McGuire shares the key elements of an effective email marketing strategy and practical tips to help you create one now.Emily McGuire was in the talk and e-commerce space for 10 years. She started out as a marketing generalist digital marketing generalist with social media, and she was already doing digital marketing. Her boss asked her to put together an email campaign. She quickly realized that email is much more complicated than she previously imagined.Creating effective marketing emails involves more than just a catchy subject line. It requires a thoroughly researched strategy, trial and error, and plenty of hard work. But the results it can deliver make it worth the investment.Email combines the creativity of copywriting and design with the technical aspect of research and strategy. Emily explains that there’s no more satisfying feeling than when all the backend systems work together to drive a totally personalized email experience.In this episode, Emily and Steve discuss:The no. 1 ingredient you need to truly flourish in any roleHow to create an effective email marketing strategyThe resources you need to maintain that strategyCommon mistakes business owners make with their marketingAnd more!You can learn more about Emily McGuire here:Flourishgrit.comFollow Emily on LinkedInFollow Emily on InstagramFollow Emily on TwitterGet your copy of Steve Brown’s book, The Golden Toilet. Also available on Audible for free when you sign up for a 30-Day Trial Membership! Thinking of starting your own podcast? Buzzsprout’s secure and reliable posting allows you to publish podcasts online. Buzzsprout also includes full iTunes support, HTML5 players, show statistics, and WordPress plugins. Get started using this link to receive a $20 Amazon gift card and to help support our show!Support the show ($stevemfbrown)
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you know, I get I'm I get 100 and 5200 emails a day. If I don't check my email, like, over the weekend or something, I swear to take 30 minutes. Just hitting delete on all of these emails. What are what are some stats or how do you How do you stand out and actually get red? And when people, I opened it up and they see all these emails, and they just start the leading What's going on there? And how can you get your email to actually be accepted, opened and red and responded to? Um, yeah, so? So the first thing people look at in the inbox is the sender name. So if they aren't, if they don't immediately identify who you are, Uh, and if you haven't established a reputation with them before as being, uh, an email they want to open, then they're gonna ignore you. So I say this because some people, um, one of the strategies I hear people talk about is the sender name should be a personal name because it increases open rates. I've tested that. And, um, yes, open rates will go up, but so do unsubscribed rates. So if they don't immediately identify that name, if they don't have a personal relationship with you already, and they open it up and they say, Oh, I don't remember this person or, um I don't know why I signed up for these emails to begin with. They're going to unsubscribe. Um, so making sure that's under name is super clear is the first thing you can add some visual interest that, um so that it stands out in the inbox. You can put emojis in a sender name or a special character so that it stands out a little bit. Subject lines. Um, you want to make it catchy, right? And you want it to, um, to be something really tantalizing. And so one thing I see people do a lot with subject lines. That's not super helpful. Um, is make it about the brand. Um, putting the word you in a subject line is going to obviously speak to your audience. But testing around this is showing you can increase open rates. So Anna just reframes it in your mind so that you're speaking to your audience and you are telling them what's in it for them when they open the email. So that's what I usually ask when I'm trying to. When I'm writing a subject line is why would somebody want to open this email? What's in it for them? Um, and that will obviously speak to the benefits that you're offering them instead of like, Hey, this email has something in it. You know? Um, being specific and talking to your audience like they're real people gets better responses. Sometime we get it open. What's going on next? What's the next hurdle? That audition. You have to pass. Well, um, so another mistake. I see a lot of people make in their emails is they just jam it with a ton of content. Um, and it's fine. I mean, that could be okay, depending on your audience. But, um, it's overwhelming. You know, people skim emails on the skin, digital content. And so if you're just putting article after article after article, that all has the same sort of weight and focus to it, people are just going to glaze over the same thing that that is also the same thing with text, right? If you're just putting a glob of text in an email. People are going to school, Just glaze over right? Big blocks of paragraphs. Um, So what I recommend is one having one primary focus to your email. So having one theme that you are focusing people on and having one primary call to action so again it helps people focus on what it is you want them to do. Um, and then you can have maybe some supplemental content underneath it, and I wouldn't do more than two or three things. Right? Um, so if you have, for example, you know you have a new service you're offering and you want to announce it having that your primary focus, making sure your call to action is clear and specific about what they need to do next to take advantage of that. And then, you know, maybe having a couple of blocks of you know, here's our portfolio. Here's some testimonials. Here's what, um, here's some additional supplemental content. You might find interesting, um, or products. Um, so again, really making it. Helping people focus and understand what's the next action they need to take to, um, to become a customer or a repeat customer
Yeah. So I'm I'm struggled with this conversation with somebody goes Why can't I just send it from my Gmail? Why do I need this tool? And it's because you don't have the subscribe option on there, right? Well, yes, there's that factor. And like, the back end piece of that world. Um, so, you know, we all if you're sending emails, you have a sender reputation, right? So everything obviously is tracked online, including who is sending emails and, um, where they're sending them from and who they're sending them to. So if you don't have the unsubscribe link in your email, as you mentioned, you know, what are people going to do when they get that email? And they might be upset that somehow you got their information. Well, they're going to make you a spam, and that's tracked. Right? So the server you're sending emails from is, um, the or the I P. Address is going to start getting dings on it, right. And when email clients are looking at your i P address to determine where they're going to serve your email, they're gonna send it to the inbox to the spam folder or not deliver at all. Um, they're gonna look at that reputation. If you get too many dings, they can, um, you can get what they call, you know, blacklisted, and none of your emails will get delivered. So your personal emails your emails to your clients, to your customers that you're regularly corresponding with daily you could they could be rejected. And that is a whole other nightmare to clean up. I've had to do it. I've done it for people. And it is like I said, it's a mess. So I recommend being very careful with that and very strategic about it. That's why you want to use one of these email services? Exactly Exactly. And like and just being very conscientious of, um, of people potentially marking us spam. Um, it could hurt your ability to, um, send emails in the future.
So there's all these compliance issues that go with this email stuff. You know, you tee up this beautiful email you spent all this time on there, you send it out, and the first one that replies is someone like, really just rebuking you for being so rude Has to send them an email. Yeah, exactly. Well, I mean, there's compliance issues, and then there's, like, user experience issues. So the United States, we have the Can span act, which, you know, is an FTC regulation that, um, of many things. Uh, and what it particularly pertains to for email marketers is that, um you know, you don't have to. Somebody doesn't have to explicitly give you permission to email them, um, but you are required by law to include a way for them to opt out. So usually that's an unsubscribe link. And almost every email service provider will require that of you, because again its compliance it's it's a regulation. Um, in Europe, they have g d p r, which requires explicit permission to market to somebody. So that means in the U. S. That means, um, any EU citizen, whether or not they are in the currently in the EU has to give you explicit permission. So where this, uh, comes into play is so that's the you know, that's the legal piece when you send people emails that, um, they don't they didn't sign up for right. So if you went out and found a list of emails, um, or bought one or scrape them from the Internet in some way, uh, just randomly sending somebody an email that's like, Hey, by this thing can be really off putting to somebody like Who are you? How do I know you? How did you get my information? And so, like, those sort of cold email campaigns have to be very strategic and focused around building the relationship. Otherwise, people are going to get upset.
right. And so do you find that most of the folks that you work with there email is like an area that they could really be killing it? But it's like the most neglected aspect of really good marketing. Absolutely. I mean, it's one of those taken for granted channels because people don't understand. I mean, because everybody uses email every day, right? I mean, most everybody uses email every day. And so, like, if you're in it daily, uh, it's one of those again taken for granted things like it can't be that complicated. Right? Um, but when you're starting to deal with, you know, 100 subscribers, 505,000 million subscribers, it gets really complicated. And you also have to be able to invest the resources into that channel in order to really see it take off. So, like if you have one marketing person on your team or none at all, um, who's trying to manage the website? The social media. If you're doing print campaign, you know, whatever it is you're doing, they don't have the bandwidth to not only practically or tangibly do these things, but invest the time to strategize or learn more about it. Um, so, yeah, especially. I mean, an email is the highest r o i marketing channel. Um, for a lot of reasons. Um, so the potential is there, Uh, and some people, uh, they don't have the resources to invest, or they're not willing to allocate the resources. So what are those resources? So, um, strategy, Right? So usually, you know, some sort of thought behind email instead of just like, oh, let's just send an email. What you know is a great starting point. Sometimes, you know, sometimes you just have to get into it and get a little dirty with it. Um, but yeah, it's a it's a strategy. And then people are doing it, and, um, just throwing emails out there. They're like, why isn't this working? Um, and that's when um, you either have to invest in an internal person to go learn more about email marketing through. I mean, maybe not a conference right now, but some sort of virtual learning or certification, or you look outside the company and get a consultant, um, to help you with strategy. Um, but yeah. Then there's copyrighting specifically for email. That's a whole thing design specifically for email. The right tool, um, email. They call those email service providers. Um, I think, uh, your company's probably more familiar with HUBSPOT. You know, like you have an email marketing tool like that, Um, and all of the other things that go along with that it's a lot of manpower in its tech, too.
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