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Empowering The Disabled

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Africa Needs to do even more when it comes to empowering those differently enabled.
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32 to to engage with anyone who wants to help us. Wants to know more about the instruments. Want to know more about, uh, disability because we deal with people living with disability, wants to know more or about how Zimbabwe is doing it when it comes to, uh, to, uh, what we call disability issues, we are still lagging behind or we are lagging behind. Uh, as I came here, I saw a lot of differences. There is still a huge gap. Still, we have got a lot of things to learn and implement, especially from here. United States of America, Like, um, uh, integrate thing that people with disability is something that is not yet common in Zimbabwe. Here you see the buses, they've got ramps. Here, you see the signs all over disability signs. There's parking, especially parking for disabled people. I've seen, uh, every building has got some, um, uh, ways elevator to make sure that people living with disability can also get access. There's inclusivity here and accessibility to everything in shops. You see, uh, just it's just almost perfect. They are really integrated. So this is what I'm advocating for. Back in my country. This is what I would want to see in the next three, 45 years. I would want to see buses with ramps. I would want to see offices. Where, Where, Where, Where? Where? Where? People can just access. I'd love to see stages Where, uh, Which are designed specifically for people living with disabilities. People with who? Which is They need to get them to the stage. Yeah, I've seen, um, a lot of people living with disability, um, dancing, They attend gigs, they come to listen to music. There is just like it's normal. But back in my country still, um, a thorn in the flesh. These people are still seen. As you know, there is not that great understanding as yet, but we are pushing one step after the other one step up there. And my coming to eat two year was more of an eye opener, So yeah, I would love to thank. Um uh, we have behind um uh, the policies, especially the disability people. Thank you for remembering them here, and I'll make sure that when I go back to Zimbabwe and make an impact and my message to even the all African people all over the world. Disability is not inability. Create a platform that is good for these guys. And you see them, uh, prospering. So, yes, we are. There we are.