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Ep. 11 - Remembering Star Trek: The Original Series

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Where Bill and Ross gleefully examine the most influential TV show of all time, and Chad spends his spare time during the episode building an Enterprise model out of hot dogs and baloney.
Show Notes:
03:00 - To start with, how the show constantly almost ended after each season it ran.
04:15 - The show did so many firsts in television.
06:00 - Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s previous TV show, The Lieutenant., and its influence on Star Trek.
08:20 - Did the show have the first interracial kiss on TV?
09:48 - Bill’s vote for Best Episode: City on the Edge of Forever.
10:03 - Harlan Ellison is a dick.
10:50 - Montgomery “Scotty” Scott… drug dealer.
13:40 - Chad has had his mouth removed for this episode by Charlie X.
16:40 - That moment when all of time has been erased for the characters.
19:29 - Edith Keeler must die.
21:22 - Chad’s favourite: What Little Girls are Made of.
27:10 - Bill’s Creepiest Moment on Star Trek - Charlie X.
30:30 - Ross’s Creepiest Moment - And the Children Shall Lead
32:56 - Bill’s runner-up for creepiest Star Trek moment - the freakish-looking Clint Howard from The Corbomite Maneuver.
36:43 - The avant--garde cinematography and lighting of Star Trek.
40:48 - The travesty of the Star Trek TOS remastered series.
41:43 - Ross meets the actual U.S.S. Enterprise.
54:17 - Most unsettling episode: Wolf in the Fold.
1:02:05 - Ross’s favourite episode: The Doomsday Machine.
1:08:06 - Chad’s other favourite/Best Shatner histrionics: The Enemy Within.
1:12:20 - The birth of Spock’s Vulcan nerve pinch.
1:14:30 - Where is Chad’s nutbag?
1:16:15 - Best Guest Shot - William Campbell in The Squire of Gothos.
1:27:50 - John Colicos and the introduction of the Klingons in Errand of Mercy.
1:29:40 - Best Visual Effect - Lurissa disappears in That Which Survives.
1:32:07 - Why Chad says the third season of Star Trek is the greatest season of any Trek show.
1:33:03 - Bill’s worst episode: The Way to Eden.
1:36:20 - Chad’s drunken choice for worst episode: Who Mourns for Adonias?
1:39:30 - Best Creature: The Horta from Devil in the Dark.
1:41:45 - Holy smokes, a bit of Star Trek: The Next Generation talk!
1:47:50 - Runner up, Best Creature: The ejaculating happy-plants from This Side of Paradise.
1:52:55 -Bill, trying to keep his drunken co-hosts in check, talks about the flying vomit creatures from Operation: Annihilate!
1:53:38 - Best fight scene from Star Trek is agreed to be in The Gamesters of Triskellion.
Your Nerdstalkers:
Bill Hunter - writer, and creator of video game history website The Dot Eaters
Chad Wick - writer, musician and creator of the Canadian Culture Thing
with Special Geekspeaker Duh Boss