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Ep. 14: Uncovering the Power of the Shadow

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Beyond the Illusion
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What do we mean by the term “the shadow”? You might instantly think we’re referring to evil, but in fact, the shadow is simply disowned aspects of the self, which could be positive or negative traits. The spiritual path isn’t just “Love and Light”, it’s also growing through exploring the depths of your being. Uncovering your shadow gives you empowerment and conscious control in your life.

Things we cover in this episode:

What are some of the many benefits of reclaiming the shadow?

How we use tactics like avoidance, distraction and repression to not face our shadow.

The dangers of ignoring the shadow.

What is spiritual bypassing?

How self compassion is a key to healing these disowned aspects of self.

Ways you can recognize your shadow.

How being polarized (attached to only one perspective) can cause you to attract unwanted experiences.

The burden of the masks we wear to hide what we think is unacceptable.

How to do shadow work.