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EP 173 - Taking A Lycan To You

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Episode 173 - Taking A Lycan To You

What’s our idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day date? We rent a quaint little cabin in the middle of nowhere, and bring everything we need for a lovely evening. At dinner you make ask if our steak isn’t cooked enough.
“No, I like my meat rare, but I think I’m ready for dessert.” As we playfully nibble your finger.
“Oh my, you’re an animal.” You say.
“Sweetheart, you have no idea.”
As the clouds shift outside, you notice that our once sapphire blue eyes are now a horrible pale yellow. Our lips, dripping with saliva, start to peel back from our teeth which are now three times the length they used to be. You scream in terror as the beautiful men who sat before you, now tower over you, covered in tufts of thick fur, howling at the full moon.
After that, it’s a pretty standard night. We take our seat, apologize for startling you (the first transformation of the month is always a rough one), have an interesting conversation about the preconceived notions of werewolves, then end the night with a few Luna Wheat Ale’s from Beards Brewery, and a discussion about two of our favorite werewolf films.

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