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‎Building Bulletproof Backs
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Top Mental Tips for Back Pain Sufferers A playlist of snippets from the episodes talking about healing from a mental point of view. ‎Building Bulletproof Backs
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movement of the body without movement. Of the negative thought processes in your head kind of brings people to this roadblock, I guess. And I think plenty of movers who still remain in pain, I guess because they have beliefs about what's possible for their healing or they have external life events going on that keep them in a negative emotional state. So if you if we acknowledge and I think you'd happily acknowledge that to build a bulletproof back, you need to have a belief that it's possible. You need to have a biochemistry that supports the healing which is hanging out in fairly healthy emotional places more often and you need movement. You need quality movement when you look at people or your clients or those that you've seen with persistent stubborn back pain. Which of those three areas do you think they get stuck on the most? Mhm. Which are which three years? You mean the do you think it's the thinking the mountains or the lack of quality movement? That's the issue. Them not progressing to where they want to be? It's I think it's the thinking because the thinking creates an emotion which creates the movement, the action. So it's the beliefs that we hold and the world we live in that create our beliefs and how we respond to it that influence at the end, how we move, which influences them, how quality, how much quality our movement has not healthy. It is. Yeah. And it's really hard. Would you not agree for people to believe that healing is possible, especially when they've had this problem for many years. And they've had many health professionals selling them, some less than optimistic prognosis. You know, there's very many people that I've encountered over the years who come in in. Their first comment is I'll never be over, I'll never be free of this pain. My chiropractor told me that I'll have it for life and that I could end up in a wheelchair. Now. I've never heard. Ah man, how thankfully, I think that's becoming less and thankfully we're selling people on the need to move to heal.