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Ep. 84: Fructose and Uric Acid: Are David Perlmutter and Rick Johnson Wrong? (Part 1)

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In this episode we discuss:

Whether David Perlmutter and Rick Johnson are right about fructose and uric acid being drivers of poor metabolic health

Why fructose will not cause ATP depletion when it’s consumed in normal contexts

Why fructose and uric acid are not the drivers of metabolic syndrome and degenerative conditions

The protective effects of fructose in the liver

Why it’s extremely important to consider the different contexts in which uric acid is produced

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3:56 – why we’re discussing fructose and uric acid
8:38 – the general argument that fructose consumption drives uric acid production and that this is responsible for disease and degeneration
14:48 – our general counterargument that fructose consumption does not drive disease and degeneration via uric acid production
18:41 – whether fructose depletes ATP in the liver 
30:03 – fructose is extremely protective and generally increases ATP availability in the liver 
36:27 – how fructose can increase uric acid via ATP depletion
38:51 – why fructose doesn’t cause ATP depletion and uric acid production unless it’s given in extreme, non-physiologically relevant contexts
1:04:50 – whether uric acid is the driver of metabolic syndrome and many degenerative conditions by driving oxidative stress 
1:15:46 – why xanthine oxidase is a major confounding variable to consider when evaluating whether uric acid production is harmful
1:27:02 – whether the activation of AMP deaminase is a reason not to consume fructose
1:27:55 – average fructose intakes are far below the amounts that are typically used in research