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EP109 - Cyber 5 Recap with Adobe's Tamara Gaffney

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Top Snippets - EP109 - Cyber 5 Recap with Adobe's Tamara Gaffney
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Tamara Gaffney is the Director of the Strategic Insights Engagement Group at Adobe.  Tamera joins us to discuss the holiday e-commerce results from Black Friday through Cyber Monday (Cyber 5).  Tamera has access to anonymous, and aggregated data from more than 5,000 companies worldwide that use the Adobe Digital Marketing Cloud (including Adobe Analytics formerly known as Omniture), which represents one of the largest samples of the overall e-commerce industry available.  Her team publishes useful insights based on that data throughout the year. Adobe 2017 Holiday Forecast and Realtime Holiday Dashboard Adobe Digital Insights Adobe Digital Price Index Long time listeners will remember that Tamara first appeared on Episode 60 with Holiday Predictions for 2016. Don’t forget to like our facebook page, and if you enjoyed this episode please write us a review on itunes. Episode 107 of the Jason & Scot show was recorded on Thursday November 30, 2017. Join your hosts Jason "Retailgeek" Goldberg, SVP Commerce & Content at Razorfish, and Scot Wingo, Founder and Executive Chairman of Channel Advisor as they discuss the latest news and trends in the world of e-commerce and digital shopper marketing. New beta feature – Google Automated Transcription of the show Transcript Jason: [0:25] Welcome to the Jason and Scott show this is episode 109 being recorded on Thursday November 30th 2017 I’m your host Jason retailgeek Goldberg and as always I’m here with your co-host Scot Wingo. Scot & Tamara: [0:40] Jason and welcome back Jason Scott shirtless nurse, podcast Jason you know but maybe audience doesn’t that one of our most popular episodes last year was the infamous episode 60 which was our holiday preview that feature adobe’s, Tamara Gaffney and today we are excited to announce that tomorrow is back with us and we thought I’d be even cooler that instead of doing a preview, if we could carve out just a little bit of her time even though she’s super busy being the date of wizard out there to give us a read kind of hot take on what’s going on after the Cyber 5 so we’re really excited to have tomorrow back with us she is too strategic insights engagement rings director at Adobe welcome tomorrow. [1:23] Hi thanks for having me back on it’s been. I got to well it’s been a year, I think this year will be even more exciting because we’re going to get some instead of previews will actually get reviews so excited to hear wake me up set. Yeah we’re right in the thick of things aren’t we weave just just crossed over 50 billion dollars in online spending so it’s a big big year. Jason: [1:48] And most of that is just got so that’s pretty impressive too. Scot & Tamara: [1:51] Yeah but 10% is not not Scot at my I think I wanted to have your job. Jason: [2:03] I think Scott has to have multiple jobs to support his Star Wars have it. Scot & Tamara: [2:07] Yes yes I’m sure if you look in the data what will have a Star Wars? Okay. Jason: [2:11] Tomorrow before we get into it can you refresh our listeners as to how it is that you know so much about what’s happening with holiday spending can you talk about the the dataset you’re working a little bit. Scot & Tamara: [2:26] Yeah let me start there because most everybody who is listening in its thinking Adobe and they’re thinking Photoshop I thinking acrobat not syncing data analysis. Unless they were listening last year. Jason: [2:41] Adobe Audition. Scot & Tamara: [2:43] But we actually have a. Technology for marketing that we called experience cloud and inside that we have some baby clouds in an a particular the analytics Cloud which is running the collection mechanism for getting all of the information for a vast majority of online retailers, as well as the Nvidia Titan and tonic the first most of the web is using Adobe analytics to track, information for themselves and and we have the keys to Fort Knox in our team in Adobe Digital insights where we’re allowed to go in and look at the aggregate of all of, the clients in the cloud so what you’re seeing or hearing today off of this data is coming out of