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EP109: Divine Masculine & Sexual Energy Featuring J. Malik

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Authentic Dating Series
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Masculinity, sexuality and spirituality. What comes to mind when you see those words?   Maybe you think of tantric gurus or cult leaders.   But what if I told you that the key to being a divine or conscious masculine man is to be a master of all three, plus one move significant factor. All discussed in this weeks episode.   The key topics are:   🌎 Taking self-responsibility 🌎 What does a man need to focus on to become more divine and embody masculinity 🌎 The divine union of men and women 🌎 How do you connect your spiritual and sexual life? 🌎 Using sexual energy to achieve your deepest goals 🌎 Are men becoming more or less sexually stable? 🌎 Is sexual liberation impeding sexual connection and growth between partners? 🌎 Sexual energy and trauma 🌎 Things required to grow as a man 🌎 Role of what we watch on our perception of sex 🌎 What role do the things we watch play in influencing unhealthy expectations around monogamy in relationships Connect With David - The Authentic Man:   Instagram: Website: For Coaching:   Connect With J. Malik:   Instagram: Website:    🎪 Upcoming Events 🎪:   🧰 Tantra 101 - Beginners Guide to Solo Tantra - 16th Feb 19:30 GMT -   🧰 The Guide to Tantric Foreplay - 20 Feb 20:00 GMT -    🧰 Tantra 101 for couples - Masterclass - 20 March 2022 20:00 GMT -