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EP13. Bringing the Empowerment of Dance into the Digital Space

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Join Christina and Janet as they chat about dance, empowerment and bringing a movement business online during the pandemic.

Janet shares how she started dance as a shy little girl and went on to become a professional dancer, working in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and London, England. After about ten years she started craving stability and decided to get married and start a family but found herself missing something. So, she had the courage to come back into the studio and that is just when everything came rushing back, in terms of feeling alive, feeling great in her body and her skin and she knew in that moment that she wanted to share this feeling with as many women as she can.

The role dance has played during the pandemic.

Janet moved her dance teaching to the online space. She didn't let fear get in the way., mainly because she knew that people needed this right now. We need to move, we need to feel inspired, there needs to be a light in this sort of darkness that's happening. She decided that she wanted to be that person that that's going to show up for everyone.

She’s had proven results with so many women that have just stepped out of their comfort zone and who are now so confident and empowered in their life, and continuing to dance with me to this day. Her concern was about how to make an in-person experience, the same as online. She found that by doing mindset work, she was able to go further and deeper with her clients. Many of us have the inner critic that tells us all kinds of stories and Janet works with women to see beyond those words. She also makes it a safe space so that women feel free to make mistakes and move away from perfectionistic tendencies. Go make mistakes, feel silly, feel crazy, because we're so conditioned to not be that way. Dance allows you that freedom.

Dance combats stress and burnout

Janet feels that the reason why we're burned out, stressed and overwhelmed is because we are living in the past or the future. We’re thinking about all the things that have to happen tomorrow. We're thinking about all the fears and the doubts and everything from the past. Dance is so powerful because it just brings you back to the present and that's where our true confidence and power lies.

Process of building an online business.

It has been very rewarding but also very challenging. You've got to really believe in your service and that you can provide a transformation. You have to show up to do the work. Be transparent with others so you can show them that you’ve been there and that you understand.

It’s ok to own what you do even if so many others are doing it too because, there is only one of you. Building a business takes time and you’ve got to be patient with yourself. You have to trust and know and have faith and hope that you are making an impact. The more you do things that are a success, the more confidence you build in it, and the more risk you're going to take for the next one. When it comes to creating a product, you need to go to your community and ask what are you struggling with? How can I help? And then create it.

Building confidence

Ask the women in my course to envision their greatest selves. Doing that work really opens up the imagination and gives them something to visually see for themselves, which then helps their brain to wake up to that sort of energy. It takes awareness and you showing up doing some work.

I love seeing women just become confident and empowered and feeling good and who they are and in their skin. Just going for it is so magical because if they can feel that way then there is a ripple effect to other parts of their lives.