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EP182 - IM Willy Hendriks

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IM Willy Hendriks is a Netherlands based chess trainer, and an award winning author of two books:  Move First Think Later (2012) and his excellent new book, On the Origin of Good Moves. IM Hendriks is quite an impressive chess player and adult improver. He has two GM norms, and he attained his peak rating at the age of 43.  Eleven years later his 2438 FIDE rating is still not far from his personal  best. IM Hendriks and I had a fascinating conversation about both of his books ,and about the subject of chess improvement generally. Please read on for more details and time stamps. 
2:30- After a brief intro we dig into how IM Hendriks came up with the original presentation style that distinguishes both of his books, as well as the unifying vision of chess that ties his books together. 
Mentioned: Richard Dawkins, Steven Pinker 
12:00- Willy’s first book, Move First Think Later was critical of some well-known chess authors. Did the controversy that this book caused in the chess world surprise him? 
Mentioned: IM Jeremy Silman, FM Carsten Hansen, Logical Chess Move by Move, Lasker’s Manual of Chess 
18:15- We transition to discussing IM Hendriks new book, On the Origin of Good Moves, Mentioned:  Emanuel Lasker, Wilhelm Steinitz, William Purdy, Adolf Anderssen, and Paul Morphy
31:30- What sort of feedback has he gotten for his new book so far? 
Mentioned: Richard James’ Review of Move First Think Later from British Chess News
34:30- Why does IM Hendriks think that one should, in fact, study openings frequently? 
Mentioned: IM Kare Kristensen 
40:00- Check out Alan B’s Free Chessable series focusing on attacking with each piece type here:
45:45- As a strong player near his peak rating in his 50’s, what are Willy’s own chess study methods? What are his general opinions about best adult improvement practices? 
Mentioned: IM Levy Rozman, NM Christopher Chabris, Encyclopedia of Chess Combinations 
58:30- OK but really, how is Willy staying so strong at chess? :) 
65:30- Thanks to IM Willy Hendriks for joining the show. You can reach him and keep up with him via his website:
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