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Epic Games Calls Apple a Monopoly

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Find out why red-faced Apple lawyers were forced to read lines from explicit video games in this snippet about the Apple versus Epic court case. It all started when Epic sued Apple for behaving like a monopoly, and practice which Apple expressly denied,. Cut to one lawsuit later and Apple's lawyers find themselves, if not in hot water, then at least with hot faces.
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it's epic. It's Apple. It's epic versus Apple. It's imagine like the mortal kombat music and like the epic Apple round one versus Apple music. Um This trial has been very interesting. Um at least the first week was in lesson in the actual contents of the trial itself and more in like the documents that have leaked out and revealed some interesting stuff about behind the scenes of gaming. Nothing that was too shocking or surprising or anything like that. A lot of it is just stuff that people, people already had a feeling for, but long and short of it of this case, in case you are not really following it closely. Is that Epic has sued Apple, arguing that Apple is a monopoly and essentially that by both maintaining the iphone and selling the iphone and also selling um operating the store. That, which is the only place you can get apps on the iphone. It is it has monopoly by having access by having control over both the hardware and the software for the hardware. Um And yeah, I mean Apple's argument is that that's not true because there part of this broader competitive landscape that includes every video game system. And it remains to be seen what what will be decided. It's a bench trial. So there's a judge, there's no jury, so the judge is going to decide the outcome. It will end next week. We don't know when the verdict will come in. It could be weeks from then. It could be months from then, who knows? Um And then it will almost certainly be appealed. So get ready for lots more of Epic versus Apple in the years to come. Um But yeah, it's been interesting to watch. Um I guess rather than talk about the stuff that's come out of it, I'm curious to hear what you guys think um of like the actual battle between these two companies because I think that like it could have a lot of interesting ramifications. Um Whoever wins. I mean, if if Apple wins, it's kind of like maintaining the status quo with saying this is not a monopoly, everything's fine, go back to normal. But there's already been a lot of pressure on Apple to lower their fees for developers, which is kind of at the heart of this whole thing is that they charge 30% for every app and every app purchase on the app store. Um And so they, I mean, they already took steps to lower it for people who are making under X amount. Um and there's pressure that they might do it further, even if they win this child. Now, if Epic wins, that'll be really interesting because if it's determined that like that Apple has monopoly and is violating antitrust laws by both selling the hardware and also controlling all the software on that hardware, then doesn't that mean that Nintendo and Playstation and Xbox are all guilty of the same thing on their respective console. So then we get into really interesting territory. But yeah, I mean, um matty, you have been at least somewhat following this in your capacity as a polygon editor. What's your take on this whole trial? I think that some of the stories that have come out of it have indicated that a few things have already changed actually. So a couple things that have happened, um, are that roadblocks has changed the way that it describes games in its service. So, roadblocks is basically, I would describe it as a video game platform. It's sold in the app store. But anybody within roadblocks can create a game sort of like how Minecraft people use Minecraft to create other versions of games using Minecraft tools. But roadblocks is designed for that exact thing. So you can make games within roadblocks and you can sell them using like in game currency as opposed to like real money. And they've had to update. Well then we don't know if they've had to, but roadblocks has updated all of its software to say experiences instead of games after getting mentioned in the trial. Because I think they're kind of worried about the fact that it's weird that they're in the app store because it seems like yet another store within a store. And that's something that's skirting a little close to the line of what Apple wants to pretend that it's store isn't doing well. That's essentially what Epic did. That's what Epic did. That started this whole thing was opened up their own store within Apple. So yeah. Right. And also Epic has its Ceo as part of its service. And so the lawyers on this case, there have been all these funny quotes coming out about the way that people describe it shows the service which is like an independent games platform on the internet, basically anybody can upload a game there, I've put my twine games on there. So that's how I know anybody can upload something without without them stopping you. Um And there's a bunch of very sexual games on there. There's a lot of horny dating sims inicio and the result of that is that lawyers will just there will be these quotes that people share on twitter of lawyers reading out these absurd or like wonderful delightful titles of games or like content that you don't even know is on there and describing it as unspeakable. Which I think the lead some Indie dev's to make an unspeakable game jam of Games to put on itchy. Oh, that can't be described in the in the Apple versus Epic court case because
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