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Episode #141: Darren Pierre | How Business Owners Can Improve Their Personal Relationships

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Top Snippets - Episode #141: Darren Pierre | How Business Owners Can Improve Their Personal Relationships
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In this episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast, Darren Pierre, author of ‘Invitation to Love,’ talks about his own experience both as an entrepreneur and as an author. Darren shares important points from his book which talks about the topic of love and the barriers of love that hinders it from being fully expressed, and why business owners today are getting affected by this.


Key Questions Asked:

What was Darren’s experience with love and to fully express it? How did all this sort of not so well relationships affected other areas of your life or your other relationships? How can people deal with not-so-great personal relationships? What can business owners do when they realize that their business life is being affected by their personal life? What are the main concepts of ‘Invitation to Love’? What challenges did Darren face as an entrepreneur and as an author and how did he overcome them? How does Darren deal with difficult days? Knowing what he knows now, what would he do differently?


Highlights of Lessons Learned:

Darren shares that a portion of his book talks about his relationship with his dad and that the reason why communication between them wasn’t as strong as he would’ve liked it to be was because of the differences that they have. If you’re not having a fully functioning home life or personal life, your business life cannot be fully functioning, they have a direct correlation with one another. The key is to figure out where is the root of the problem, then you’ll be able to have an authentic and honest conversation with the people involved. Nothing great is ever done without fear, and fear is a natural bi-product of moving into greatness. One of the principles that Darren had to learn to accept was that the success that he was looking for takes a little bit longer to get. When you don’t find your business the number one business in your field, know that that’s okay and that you need to continue to innovate yourself. A lot of times we get so caught up in climbing the mount Everest that we don’t realize that the step to get to the peak is the next step that we take, that’s one step closer. Knowing what he knows now, Darren would have set his expectations up differently.