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Episode 147 - Is Trump Racist Or Does He Simply Understand That People Are Fundamentally Racist? Soutzos

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Top Snippets - Episode 147 - Is Trump Racist Or Does He Simply Understand That People Are Fundamentally Racist? Soutzos
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Ofcourse Trump is racist but then so are at least two of the women in the "Squad" as one has made anti Israel comments and another anti Jewish comments. If he was not racist he could have said that if anyone does not like it America then go somewhere they do like. However his comment is not actual proof of his racism rather he is seeking to inflame the silent majority of white people who are racist. Humans are all racist as we have evolved to like that which is familiar and reject that which is different. It is reflected in the need for corporate identity and the requirement to fit into that or to Football fans being eternal brothers with supporters of the same team but enemies of supporters of rival teams. The lunacy of this being exposed when England is playing abroad in which case enemies become brothers once more unified by National Identity. The manifestation of racism is the sign of poor leadership and government as shared values and National Identity (apart from religion) starts there. Trump's comment is therefore manipulative for personal gain and divisive. Much better to bolster the American Constitution and ensure Americans are united behind it and then tell anyone who does not like it to leave instead of having the need to criticize which is the enemy of structure and organisation unless it is confined to those whose have nothing to gain from free speach apart from improving society with no conflict of interest. Is there anyone like this? Not yet. At least in Medieval Times there was the Court Jester who was allowed to criticise the king or queen in order to keep them grounded. The price he paid was that he had to be am object of ridicule so others would never want to relate to him. Otherwise free speach would have damaged respect for the Monarchy and weakened the state.