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Episode 16 — The Consequences of Not Asking for Help Are Far Greater Than Your Fear —with Aaron Oliver

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Top Snippets - Episode 16 — The Consequences of Not Asking for Help Are Far Greater Than Your Fear —with Aaron Oliver
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The power in asking for help is often overlooked or pushed to the side when you’re in the midst of something. Will I look weak? What’s wrong with me? Is there anyone who can actually help me? Do I deserve help? Or it might simply just feel embarrassing to reach out and admit your struggles. Though, every human struggles which is why there are numerous people who have a career in helping people. The consequences of you not asking for help are far greater than the fear you have in admitting that you’re not living up to your expectations. Aaron Oliver, National Clinical Outreach for The Mental Health Collective and co-founder of Leadwell, struggled with asking for help for the majority of his young adult years. He started using substances in high school out of a lack of interest in school and feeling like it wasn’t for him. That substance use increased throughout the years and became an addiction in his mid twenties. It wasn’t until Aaron got arrested when he decided to give into getting help. The decision to get help has been one of the best choices he’s made in his life, leading him to not only a better life but also allowing him to lead others to their better lives.On this episode of Success is Subjective, Aaron joins Joanna to share his journey going from a college dropout who struggled with addiction, to now working with young adults in their own struggles. Aaron used to never feel like school was for him and now has a huge interest and goal to go back to school to continue his education, and continue bettering himself. Listen in for insight on how reaching out for help was one of the best things to happen for Aaron and how he works to encourage others to their full potential. What You Will LearnSaying “I don’t think college is for me” is totally normal.  College can wait!Trying to make school work while keeping social life the main priorityDropping out of college in the 4th semesterHow a parent responds after their child withdraws from college can make or break what happens next.  It’s okay to take a break from school, you just need to have a plan!Why hiring a Consultant would have been really helpfulHow important it is for a family to also get treatment for themselves tooHow going through the full continuum of treatment is paramountIt’s never too late to return to college Connect with Aaron OliverAaron Oliver of The Mental Health CollectiveCall Admissions: 888-717-9355 or Personal: 804-916-0965 Email aoliver@themhcollective.comThe Mental Health Collective Admissions: Call 888-717-9355Connect with Joanna Lilley  Lilley ConsultingLilley Consulting on Instagram Lilley Consulting on Facebook Sponsored by: www.ParentTrainers.comEmail