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Episode 188 - Eat Well Sleep Well

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Eating healthy allows the body to absorb proper nutrients which provides the brain with the chemical environment that it needs to produce the neurotransmitters that it needs to maintain adequate sleep.    This is a lesson in moderation. Especially caffeine, alcohol, fat, sugar near bed time.   Pay attention to caffeine intake. As for alcohol, not too much and not too close to bed time, when it can interfere with REM sleep the restorative phase. Avoid high fatty foods, you don’t want indigestion. In general, late heavy meals can exacerbate heartburn and acid refliux. Give yourself a couple hours to digest. Limit sugar intake to help keep your energy more consistent during the day. Energy surges and dips can lead to poorly timed naps or reaching for extra caffeine too late in the day. No need to starve yourself, it’s hard to fall asleep if your stomach is grumbling.  Stay hydrated during the day but avoid drinking too many fluids after dinner, going to the bathroom all night is disruptive to your sleep.   Want answers? Send your questions, comments and thoughts about life to   Thank you so much for listening to The Lin Life Universe. I hope you’ve been enjoying it. Please leave a review!