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Eric André On Music And New Movie

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Last Played: May 19, 2021
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The comedian went to Berklee College School of Music and got into avant-garde jazz, inspiring his early comedy. Like jazz, his show and movie are organized chaos. André attended a writing seminar to develop a story for the film. He explains the movie is chaotic, psychotic, and filled with hidden pranks.
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Yeah, I went to music school, so I studied music. So I come from the music background from my the earliest days of my comedy were very music inspired and what we talked about that, that, that does fascinate me. I went to a jazz school, I went to Berklee College of Music, I was an upright bass major and I just got into really avant garde jazz, free jazz fusion, Ornette Coleman and later Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis stuff and Albert, Ayler, eric Dolphy, all these guys and they are, they're kind of my creative forefathers, wow. Because yeah, I mean, those guys uh basically kind of working outside of time. It's funny because what you do, I think it's kind of work outside time, don't you? I think so, I don't know, it's a little bit, I would say it's in the eye of the beholder, I think it's the audiences job too interpret the art, not the artist job. Almost the best summation of art I ever heard was from a robert Mckee writing seminar that I forced myself to go to because I had no, I knew nothing about story writing. He said art is not intellectual, art is primal and I was like yes, it comes from the heart. A caveman has to understand as well as a college professor. The highbrow has to operate with the low brow, your reptilian brain has to be just as activated as your I don't know what sara bellum but uh I wouldn't just a side note about the robert Mckee, I went to that robert Mckee writing seminar because when we started the movie, my producing partner, Jeff Jermaine who mentored us through the process kept telling us over and over and over and over and over again that we had to have a story and we just didn't believe him, were like nuts pranks, just make a bunch of pranks and just sitting together haphazardly and he's like that will not work because I am telling you from experience that will not work. Like Eric Andre Show is an 11 minute runtime. The movie is a 90 minute runtime. If you're dragging an audience and hopefully a wider audience, Then my adult swim show across 90 minutes of footage, you need a story with sympathetic characters that they can somewhat sink their teeth into to drag them across 90 minute. You're asking an audience of strangers to commit to a much longer runtime. A story is mandatory. So I, I did a bunch of crash courses and story writing because I just came from a joke writing and grant writing background. I guess it's almost like the idea of playing structure and and doing what you know, maybe miles didn't bitches brew. You start off with the structure, but then you use that structure as a way to sort of step outside and then at a certain point you do return back to what counts as kind of the melody line. Yeah, it's organized chaos. I would say that the eric andRE show, you're going to show the template is a talk show template as old as the steve allen show, pre johnny Carson. But within that template is chaos. Just like the movie. It's like the movie is a very traditional buddy road trip story. It's almost a love story. It's basically a meg Ryan movie, but with chaotic uh, psychotic, you know, in camera prank.
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