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Essential Chakras - Fourth / Heart Chakra - Full Episode

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Top Snippets - Essential Chakras - Fourth / Heart Chakra - Full Episode
Nikki Castle joins Jennifer Biondo and Delia Ivette for Essential Chakras - the fourth Chakra A snippet from Modern Witch MOvement's series Essential Chakra. Witch of the Word, Nikki Castle dives into the heart chakra. Nikki speaks on how she's heart forward.
Chakras and Essential Oils - Essential Chakras Essential Chakras hosts, Jennifer Biondo - Smell Sorceress and Delia Ivette - Feng Shui Witch discuss the 4th chakra, practical tools for aligning the heart chakra in every day situations, and essential oils to elevate our vibration and open the heart.
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Witch Tips For Working with the 4th or Heart Chakra Modern Witch Movement presents, Essential Chakras. Join co-hosts Delia Ivette and Jennifer Biondo as they offer witch tips for working with the heart chakra and essential oils for spell magic, pesonal ritual, and daily abunance. Modern Witch Movement
Essential Chakras - Essentials Oils to Balance Chakras - Full Episodes Moedern Witch Movement Presents Essential Chakras with Feng Shui Witch, Delia Ivette, and Potion Sorceress, Jennifer Biondo. Each episode they break down another chakra and discuss the tools you can use to balance each one, starting with essential oils, but also including stones, foods, mudras, mantras, colors, and meditations. Modern Witch Movement
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Potion Witch, Jennifer Biondo & Feng Shui Witch, Delia Ivette deep dive into the fourth or Heart Chakra.

They explore: What is the fourth chakra? What does it mean if your fourth chakra is out of balance? How can you work with your fourth chakra?
They give you a series of tools to help you with fourth chakra issues, including: oils, mudras, foods, meditations and more!

+ Special Guest: Nikki Castle

A part of our Witchcraft Wednesdays series happening live on FB.

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