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EU224: Deschooling with Fiona Munday

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Fiona Munday joins me this week. Fiona and her husband live with their 4.5-year-old son in New Zealand and she dove into researching unschooling when her son was a baby. We have fun exploring her journey and she shares some of the wonderful insights and a-ha moments she’s already experienced—including applying the same principles to the adults in the family!

Questions for Fiona

Can you share with us a bit about you and your family? What is everybody interested in right now?

How did you discover unschooling?

Your son isn’t quite yet school age, but you’ve been diving deep into learning about unschooling. What benefits have you seen from starting your unschooling journey early?

What have you found to be the most challenging aspect of deschooling so far? And what’s been your experience as you work through it?

What has surprised you most about your journey so far?

What is your favourite thing about the flow of your days right now?

Things mentioned in the episode

The Axel Show – one of Ollie’s favorites and one that helped Fiona too!

Follow Fiona on Instagram here

Episode Transcript

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