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Eusoh Adds FirstVet To Their Membership Benefits

From Audio: Eusoh Adds Televet Service To Help Reduce Cost Of Pet Healthcare For Its Members

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Duration: 06:33
Allen Kamrava, Founder/CEO explains partnership with FirstVet telemedicine service
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Allen Kamrava, Founder/CEO explains partnership with FirstVet telemedicine service
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alan you saw recently started a relationship with first fete share with the listeners. What first bet is and why you so partnered with them first. That is a tele vet company. They actually started out in europe, I believe it was in the UK. They are the largest television provider in europe and they launched into the U. S. And so they provide television services for pet parents and they are stand alone product by themselves. You don't have to utilize, used to use First Met, but we partnered with them to make it something that's available for our members as well so they can, you can pick up the phone and speak with a licensed veterinary professional. Uh, it is an actual vet, not a vet tech. What was the appeal with partnered with them as far as he feels concerned, the easy answer is everyone's doing it. So we have to to, and sometimes that is the answer and simplistically it is that, but everyone is doing it because it's the right thing to do, not only for users, but also because what we're seeing happening in the industry, the veterinary pricing is inflating a very fast clip, It's outpacing inflation and it's becoming very expensive for people to go to the vet, even for routine things. And even for us, where we split costs across our membership, ultimately, all that means is that all our members are paying a higher monthly cost and there is a certain point where people look at this and even with you. So I said if you guys can't control that long term, this isn't worth it. And so are imperative is to make it worth it for our members looking into tel Aviv, it was not a first thing that we ever thought we would do. It was in response to what we're seeing with price inflation, not only in the cost per procedure, but just the volume of line items that were now being stacked onto our members invoices. And so it's a reaction to what what what's been happening. Um and it's like, well how do we continue to make this survive and make it work in the realities of the situation? Basically, it would help prevent unnecessary vet visit and especially maybe to an emergency center where costs or even higher, is that right? So on the benefit for us when we were looking at us and what is the benefit for the company? Let's just be truthful. Right? Let's not, I'm not going to try to sugarcoat it. We do better if we do better for our users and we do better for our users if we could keep the monthly cost down. And so if we had a choice between having our members call of that and answer their question And the story versus going into the vet answering their question and possibly having three or four other things added on, which is we are seeing routinely. Now the former is the way to go. What we're seeing is about 60% of the visits that went to the tell event were able to answer that question on the phone. And those are all costs that are not being shared by the membership. A good number are still pushed to go see their vet directly. But this is not something they could do over the phone and they need to see what the vet it needs to be physically examined and so it's not to replace the vet. Um, and the goal was really to provide people when they just have simple questions or something that they can potentially just do from the comfort of their home, which is what a lot of our life has become through Covid. Why not be able to do that with their dog or cat as well? So can members access this during the daytime, when their vet is normally open or is it primarily at night, weekends, holidays, when their vet is not available. So it's 24 7. Now for all our users, the real question for us when we evaluated it was can utilizing this service help make our members monthly sharing costs over the long term, hopefully less. And it became evident that it would, uh, and we were debating doing two types of models with it right at the bar. One was that on a usage basis we can get a wholesale price as a preferred partner. So far, users utilized the first consult, they would pay for consult, Uh, to utilize the service and it was some of it would be shared with membership or just get a contract with them outright and it's just available 24/7, there is no usage fee. And so that was what we were evaluating. We ultimately wanted the ladder. So every, it's just always available for members. We pay a contract if you within each month based on total users and basically calculation on what usage should be and it essentially adds less than a dollar to the share cost. What kind of feedback have you got in front of members since it actually launched overall, it's been, it's actually been only good. So tell event itself, we did a very long RFP process over several months. I want to say. We spoke with all the television providers out there, obviously there's probably suddenly missed, but we spoke with the overwhelming majority, uh, and what we liked with first, that was their experience in europe. There are well established company, they know exactly what they're doing there. Um, some of the services you weren't speaking specifically actually with a vet, but it was a vet tech. Um, and not that there's anything wrong with that text, but if we had an option between speaking with a true veterinarian versus attack, we wanted to have a true veterinarian for our users and then also the east of use of the software that all being said to your question, we've only got a five out of five star reviews for every we get a review back for every consult that they've had with them. Um unless they're hiding something with me, all the ones I've seen have been perfect reviews. People have been very happy with it. So how does it actually work if one of your members has a question, what do they do? They go to the dashboard on the use of Platts platform and there's a link there to first met and they click that and imports them over to their site and then on that part should populate for first bet site on their side that this is a use of user. So there should be no fees they put in their info and their pet info and at that point it will connect them typically with a vet. And it's not that the vets sitting there waiting to take the call, it will notify one of their vets and usually stay within a certain amount of time. They will come back and contact you. Okay? Are they able to share pictures, videos of their pet and all that
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