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Even Planetary Scientists Have Imposter Syndrome

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Impostor Syndrome: The common enemy It’s not just you, impostor syndrome comes for many of us. Don’t let it hold you back. STEAM Powered
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Planetary scientist Dr. Carly Howlett talks about her experience with imposter syndrome: from feeling out of place because of her business background to suspecting that her many wonderful mentors gave her an unfair advantage. Dr. Howett says that she was always half-ready to be asked to leave.
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Well, I think, I mean when you sort of feel like you've snuck in, I think maybe it's just I think lots of people felt like they don't they've snuck into their position that they don't really there's a word for, isn't it? Uh imposter syndrome, Thank you. And that was right with me, right? I just felt like I at all points like, well, because because I did business and not straight physics, maybe my course was easier. So when I got a first, maybe it was because that court, like if I'd have done straight physics, maybe I wouldn't go to first. And that got me into my Masters and okay, I got distinction in my Masters, but you know, I got a lot of great supervision and so maybe that was the reason and then I got into physics at Oxford and and like well then like I had a really great supervision there and you know, I had to mentors and some people only have one mentor and so maybe that was the reason I passed my PhD. And you can come up with these excuses and if it wasn't someone else you'd go look you're just doing something you've worked hard and you're doing something that you're good at and just you're supposed to be doing this, this is all working because it's you you're sort of like well I'm sure someone else will do it much better than me and you know, I just so at every point I've just been like well I'll try it and then when someone realizes that she shouldn't really be doing this because you know, you're not supposed to be here are you love and then I'll just go, okay thank you very much, I'll leave. And so it's just been that's been my career really, I'm just sort of trying to get and hopefully it's it's but it's working out so I'm just going to carry on faking it and we'll see how it goes so far. So good. It's been 20 years and no one's called me out on it yet, so maybe I'm in the clear, I'm pretty as you've been in the clear for quite a while.