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Everything begins with an ending

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“Every beginning is a consequence. Every beginning ends something.” Paul ValéryShifting into changes means sensing the new beginning ahead of us.ANDSaying goodbye to what went before.Endings are crucial to positive change. Whether that’s about shifting into a new life stage, a new job, a new mindset. And they’re often ignored - or rushed past.In this episode I share some things in my own life that are coming to a close - and explore what it takes to create good endings, in order to build strong beginnings.*****What endings are you facing? How do you want to create your own new beginnings? Endings can also be what happens when we decide to let something GO emotionally.William Bridges - an expert on change - saw that there’s a difference between CHANGE & TRANSITIONWe ALL respond differently to change - we’re seeing this in technicolour with the shifts into and out of lockdown & all the different experiences people are havingThe useful thing is to be aware of how change makes you feel - and then manage that, so you either don’t LEAP at change, as a way of avoiding other things that perhaps feel painful or challenging (definitely part of my own MO). Or AVOID change, because of fear - and then end up limiting your options, your life choices because of that - and perhaps miss out on something that would really fuel you.Bridges model has 3 stages - ENDINGS, TRANSITION (or neutral) & NEW BEGINNINGS. It’s important we’re aware of all three - choosing to make a change, means BEING AWARE of what we are ENDING. If there’s something you’re exploring right now and want some support with making your own change - with creating your own ending, building your own bridge and reaching your own new beginning, you know where I am.I've also shared the piece from My Darling Girl below. Henny xREFERENCESMy darling girl - Henny FlynnGRATITUDEThank you as always to Angus McLeod at for his music and production.