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I’m going to be honest…
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I've got this director theme about brothers and twins. So I've got another one to add to it. These two director writers, they're not brothers, Daniel Kwan Daniel Stock shine heart, They call themselves the Daniels. And they had so much fun making this movie. I'm like, I don't want you to have fun, I don't want to pay for you to have fun. I want you to be like David Lean, I want you to lose 30 lb, knock yourself out, be exhausted and come up with something that is well done. This is crazy. It's it starts out okay, alright. It does. Michelle is amazing and I love her and she's up against her grandfather visiting. She has her own expectations for this perfect party. She runs this launderette with her husband who everyone is thrilled to see back in the movies and she has her daughter Joy who wants to bring her girlfriend and Evelyn is worried about what the grandfather is gonna think. Okay, that's how it starts out. I care I'm into it. All right. And then we go to the I. R. S. She's being audited, she's terrified because she doesn't speak english very well. Okay. Jamie lee Curtis is amazing as a lois Lerner on steroids, she plays this character to the hilt and so it is scary and I am into it. And then the patient just takes a turn for the worst. The burst jump, they over jumped the shark with the first jump. It doesn't make any sense. I mean, jimmy Stewart did it. You know where you see your life without you know how it would have been without you or how you could have had other lives. I get it. I get it. But this time they make verse jumping happen when you do odd things like sticking things up your butt. Okay. It's taken me out of the movie, I'm sorry. And shows you when you do that. The other talents you could have had in your life, had you pursued a different life? I don't want to know. It's not worth it. This is too much. And so there are these people fighting with things in there, but I'm like, I don't even like this. And then there there's hot dog, hot dog fingers and dildos do not take your, your grandchildren and your Children. Then there's this everything bagel that's supposed to make sense. Like it's, I don't know, a god or something. There are references to all kinds of movies, like metrics, you know, wink film references. This is what people who are having fun do. And there's one about Ratatouille that doesn't make any sense because they think it's a raccoon and there's a raccoon in this story in a trench coat that keeps coming back. I'm like, what is up with the raccoon? Nothing about this made sense. Okay