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Everything You Need to Know About the NBA For This Week

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A play-in tournament appearance isn't all bad for the Los Angeles Lakers, a 4-game losing streak isn't all bad for the Brooklyn Nets, but the Toronto Raptors have hit the bottom.
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if I were to say the following statement before the 2020 2021 NBA season, you would probably think I'm a madman, but it's true, you're defending champion. Los Angeles. Lakers are very much in danger of headed to the playing tournament where they would have to win one of two games to advance to the opening round as visitors versus phoenix or Utah six games left, the Lakers currently don't have their starting super duper duper duper star Lebron James, their starting point guard in Dennis schroder and a solid bench piece and tailing Horton tucker and their biggest game left is tonight in Portland who they're tied with 4/6. It looked like they wouldn't have Anthony Davis for it either he left. The Lakers lost thursday versus the clippers when he said his back quote locked up pretty bad in the first half A. D. Has had back issues a few times in his career as recently as last year's bubble, but he's ready to go friday to try and stay in their spot so they can avoid the play in Anthony Davis said postgame, the tournament wouldn't be bad for the group at all. He looked at it as an opportunity. They need more reps together playing well. Well that was really what his point was. But ideally he would like to avoid this scenario. Playing starts in 11 or 12 days. They got to get it together and it starts friday in a game which is for the tiebreaker between L. A. And Portland when all is said and done, the Blazers just finished a long six game road trip though. Sometimes when teams come back from long trips for their first game home, they're a little sluggish in that game. You know how it is coming back from a long trip trips? You remember them? No, you don't. Me neither. Positive spin for the Lakers, Anthony Davis does want to play though. He doesn't want to rest and get fully healthy. Along with Lebron who could miss the next 12 or three games or shrewder who needs another week A. D. Wants to get after it on friday. If they do lose to Portland, the team they would be lined up to play in the first game of the play. Interment is the Golden State Warriors. Lebron versus Steph curry, the guy who just grabbed a stronger grip on the scoring title lead with a 34 point game thursday versus okay. See the Warriors move the ball beautifully around Steph they notched 36 assists on 42 field goals and their home the rest of the way. They don't have to leave chase center until the play an attorney. So they should be rested and spry and fresh. Or maybe you'd rather be the Brooklyn nets who are going through their toughest stretch of their season right now. They suffered their season high fourth straight loss versus Dallas on thursday and they're losing grip on the two seed in the Eastern Conference. But they all took the position of this is good for us. It's happening now. Adversity. I can see them on a motivational poster adversity and there isn't a problem with James Harden comes back. I'm with these guys. This is good for them. James Harden also said yesterday the plan is to return for a game or two before the playoffs. There's been a lot on Kyrie Irving to play make and score and close recently and Harden just makes that overload go away. Kyrie did have a season high 45 versus Dallas that took advantage of turnovers and offensive rebounders. Offensive rebounds, like a team playing well, tends to do Dallas is 10 games over 500 for the first time this season. Back to the nets though, head coach steve Nash pointed out that the available bodies are the most they've had all year. They have missed a lot of guys. It is a sturdier situation then the Lakers and yeah, they're losing now, which is fine. They want to face some adversity before the postseason because they haven't had to all season long in their first season together. Mas legend Dirk Nowitzki was courtside and so was former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush, Luca Don took a picture with the former president. Had to show that to you. I don't know why I find it so funny. It's a hilarious photo that the mass posted there. I'm currently wearing a raptor shirt because it's the end for the Toronto Raptors, they lost in perfect heartbreaking fashion versus the wizards thursday here was the Canadian tragedy, not playing their franchise player in Kyle Lowry to start the game. But the guy who was supposed to be there next franchise player, pascal CIA come tied his career high with 44 points, fred Vanvleet sends the game to overtime with a triple and then they come up short. They're almost done mathematically from the plan. Although there all alone for seventh in draft lottery odds. I heard the draft was deep this season. Just a note on pascal C. Acumen is 44 and it's painful, painful season. He is the hero that took the fall in this season. Long tragedy. The game winners that went in and out. So unlucky. The pressure of being the guy having to change his mailing address from Toronto to Tampa. It's been tough. He takes the blame. But he has battled anyways, Looks like it's over for Toronto
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