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Everything You Need to Know About the NBA Last Week

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Kevin Porter Jr. joins LeBron James, Devin Booker, and Brandon Jennings as the only players to score 50 before turning 21, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kristaps Porzingis sustain injuries, Steph Curry is in slight danger of missing the play-in tournament, and more.
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Good morning everybody. I hope you have a great Friday like Kevin Porter jr did on Thursday, Kevin Ward jr had himself a night for the rockets. He had 50 points versus the bucks. You may not know who kevin Porter Jr is. You may not be a huge basketball geek, But let me give you the background. This is his second year in the league. He operated in the Shadows in Cleveland last season he was the number 30 pick Out of USC in the 2019 draft. Had a solid rookie season with the Cavs, but because they had collin Sexton, their higher draft pick the season before and then Darius Garland higher pick that same season. They took Porter Jr, they took much of the spotlight especially because they're all backcourt Players. But many thought Kevin Porter jr was the best prospect of the bunch, the smooth shooting left. He had a 30 point game off the bench last season that left me in all last year. I remember that then he had an off court incident in the off season that he was working through coming into this year with the calves. Then he had a blow up with the team in january reportedly over his locker being moved. So they got rid of him to Houston for a second round pick. And that deal could be quite the heist by Rockets. Gm, Rafael Stone. Now Porter JR has all the ball handling responsibilities in the world to try and figure out his game because he's more of a traditional shooting guard. But he's learning on the fly here. He's having fun. And the big guard had 50 big ones plus 11 assists. He can score with both hands as he was doing in the lane at 64 has the size uh, for a ball handler to see over people, He's got to improve the handle a little bit, but the shots there nine threes on the night and he set some marks. 20 year old Kevin Porter jr surpassed Lebron James to be the youngest person with 50 points and 10 plus assists in NBA history per stat, head on twitter, Lebron was 23 when he did that, Porter jr became the 4th youngest player to score 50. He joined Lebron, Devin Booker and Brandon Jennings as the only player to score 50 points in a game before turning 21. You have Brandon Jennings if you remember the double nickel, he had 55. Once upon a time Porter jr said the last time he scored 50 was in the 4th grade. The orange slices must have been extra sweet that day. Hopefully kevin Porter Jr can keep this together for the Houston Rockets, those assists. They, you know, they happen in today's NBA with everybody knocking down threes. But I think what is sustainable is the scoring kevin poor. Junior's got that in his blood from the Bucks side. Yeah, he still played only 46 seconds before leaving this game with an ankle injury. Coach Mike Budenholzer said he hoped it wasn't serious after the previous game after the game I should say. But it's a hit to the Bucks if he misses time 10 games left and they need an mrap as many reps as possible in fourth quarter situations to end The season if they want to knock off the nets or the sixers in the playoffs there late game execution has to be sharper even if it's not serious. You gotta assume he doesn't play versus Chicago Friday as the bucks enter their final 10 games on the schedule. The Bucks want to have their best players speaking before the playoffs like Kevin Durant And the Nets are Durant had a season high 42 in a win over indiana on thursday. The Nets are 29 8 since february 10th. The best record in the league since then. No Kyrie, no harden. So the Nets turned to their other Hall of Famer and they're trying to get that ring to solidify blake Griffin's Hall of Fame chances as well. Speaking of Hall of Famers, I'll be clear I want Steph curry in the playing tournament. I'm cheering for the Warriors to get in after Steph season that he's had in his career, that he has given to NBA fans and media. Sometimes I'm unbiased but not now 10th Place Warriors Lost to the 14th Place Timberwolves on Thursday. I do still think they get in but the Warriors could have started to claim their spot with a win over Minnesota And even gotten closer to the 8th and 9th seeded Grizzlies and spurs. But the schedule still makes it seem like they'll get there even if they don't get another rebound again. It's unbelievable how they got outrebounded against the Minnesota Timberwolves by 23 boards, 57-30 for you don't See that very often, including 16 offensive rebounds from Minnesota. Steve Kerr said afterward that his team is just part of the modern NBA. He watches league pass every night and no one boxes out. Players coming from the weak side. Maybe he should watch a play from the Warriors first have to make him happy again. It was a real, real cool play, Draymond green leading Steph curry who didn't know the ball was coming, found him and Steph curry shot it and turn around with the other way because he knew it was going in before he let it go. That was the highlight of the night for me from the Warriors side. The warriors have now laid two eggs in a row. The matters had that 28 Oh run against them the previous game. Now the Warriors are still up three on the Pelicans with three more games against new Orleans, including a back to back on monday and Tuesday. Some great scheduling by the league. The first on national tv too. Should the next one be flexed? I love calling games to be flexed. I just love having that schedule or power but I doubt it will be the nets. Bucks will stay in the national spotlight over that game. For Minnesota side. You got to be excited. Rookie Anthony Edwards continues his fearless play in big game situations. He had 18/4 quarter points. He hadn't shot at three through the first three chords, then took six in the final frame. The Wolves have a guy that looks to be wired the right way, has no problem running the show late and this is year one. The shot selection has to be reined in, but no one expected this ability from the number one pick will debate if he's rookie of the year on the no dunks episode on friday Edwards plus D. Angelo Russell who had a nice 4th quarter stretch sealed it. Russell continues to come off the bench for many. The $28 million man playing his role. Well this is nets all star. D'Angelo Russell running the pick and roll controlling the game. The Wolves have a season long win streak at four games. It comes here when the games don't mean as much. So hopefully Karl Anthony Towns and Russell are healthy to start next season because The wolves are 10 and six when they both play this year. I'll assume we'll get that next season because I don't think a major movie is coming to the Wolves roster this off season. one note the wolves gave their former guy who was supposed to be the future with Towns Andrew Wiggins a nice video tribute. He had a solid 27 point night. Nothing but love. Speaking of the pelicans who are chasing the warriors, they got a fairly easy win over the Thunder. The Thunder ran out the youngest starting lineup in NBA history on thursday, An average of 20.5 years old. They played Argentinian Gabrielle deck who just signed with the team from Real Madrid, hadn't even got to practice in off the bench. Charlie Brown played in just his second game. No, not that charlie Brown. This is charlie Brown Jr the peanuts character was the senior. Obviously the Okay, see Thunder player is really named charlie Brown JR by the way. No hope for. Okay. See in this one, Zion had 27 Brandon ingram had 24 all of a sudden I'm looking forward to Pelicans Wolves on saturday small markets stand up. That should be a good one. A couple more games on the scad Mavs visiting the pistons. The Mavericks tim Hardaway Jr was back in his old michigan stopping grounds because Dallas didn't have Luca done left elbow Hardaway got plenty of shots, a season high in shots for him and He came through with a career high 42 big ones. Must have felt like he was a wolverine Again. For a sec. Hardaway's dad has a career high of 45 so junior's got to be going for that. It's got to be going for that utep to step. And the Mavs have won five of six, feeling pretty good about being in the 60 in the West. But a huge worry hangs over them. Christoph. Sporting has left the game because of soreness in his right knee. It's the knee he had surgery on in the off season after having to bow out of the playoffs versus the clippers, And he missed the previous three games because of a sprained ankle. The Mavs have carefully monitored his playing time this season, but this thinks
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