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Execution: Limiting vs Activating Energies

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In their most recent episode, Ruth Glendinning and Kent Dahlgren sprang into action, announcing the launch of an Anti-Fragile pilot community close to home, and in their own neighborhood.
In that discussion, Ruth and Kent introduced the Community Activation and Launch Methodology (C.A.L.M.)'s first step ("outrage"), and how an investment in exploring a community's outrage informs the efficacy and staying power of the solutions defined in the C.A.L.M. model's second step ("Vision"), to be discussed in a coming episode.
In this episode, Ruth and Kent discuss a few beneficial examples of why one may seek to explore "a third way" between two opposing extremes, which they generally refer to as "limiting vs activating energies":

Cult vs culture
Complications vs complexity
Costs vs Investments
Making a living vs making a life
Failure vs success
Dystopia/utopia vs protopia
Transaction vs transformation

An embrace of this "third way" unlocks and reveals significant opportunities and resources for those ordinarily stymied in their efforts to effect positive change.
Ruth and Kent discuss various lenses for how the audience may come to embrace this perspective, including an exploration of South American shamanic tradition and its acknowledgement of what's called the "ayni," which reveals hidden opportunity by holding the center and incorporating the seemingly opposing influences of four extremes.
Upon conclusion of this episode, the listener will come to see the world through a different set of lenses, for opportunity and wealth is abundantly available.