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Expertcast 3 - Sourcing with Janice Minihan

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Rob is in conversation with Janice Minihan who is a successful entrepreneur in property deal sourcing. They discuss her journey to property success and how property allowed her to get creative and pursue exciting opportunities.
Property sourcing is about being able to fulfil a client’s criteria for a property and reputable deal sourcers work with the trust and confidence of their clients built through their positive relationships and networking. It’s all about reputation when you grow as a deal sourcer and understanding that your network is your net worth.

It’s important the investor goes from wanting to buy a property, to having a property that generates income for them.
As a sourcer you have to be able to adapt and find the right deal for the investor.
Networking is key,  it’s all about the relationships you build with others.
Off-market and direct to vendor leads will come through your network. It’s a win for you and a win for them.
Fees vary according to the deal. Larger deals may be a percentage whereas single property deals will usually be completed by a sourcer for a set fee.
A reputable sourcer will never ask for the complete sourcing fee upfront.
If you give a good service your reputation will grow and you will be able over time to command a higher fee.
A legitimate sourcer will be regulated having professional indemnity insurance, be registered for anti-money laundering, be a member of the NRLA, be part of the property redress scheme and registered for data protection with the ICO.
It’s important to be regulated, know your numbers, build relationships and your network and invest in yourself and your education.
If you take the time to develop your skills then you are helping people to get what they want and you are getting something you want.

‘If you can’t get clear answers from the sourcer then they may not be the sourcer for you’
‘If you treat it like a business you will get business results if you treat it like a hobby you’ll get hobby results’
‘Know your numbers otherwise you won’t get any deals’
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Janice Minihan is an entrepreneur who eats, breathes and lives property. With a teaching career spanning 15 years, property was her next favourite thing to do alongside that for 7 years. After having a family, she became very disillusioned with the education system and decided to pursue property in earnest after moving to the UK from Australia in 2014, get educated in the various strategies out there and set to work improving life for her family establishing several businesses in 5 years.
Janice Minihan
Property Transformation Specialists
Rob Smallbone the host of The Property Nomads Podcast, is on a global mission to guide your success. Success can happen in many ways, shapes and forms. Think about what success means to you. More properties? More clients? Financial freedom? Time freedom?
Rob wants to make a huge difference to people around the world. He is here to guide your success in property, business and life and to inspire you to achieve your goals, dreams and visions. He's travelled, explored, and invested. And he's not planning on stopping these activities anytime soon.
Buckle up, sit tight and enjoy the ride that is life.
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