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Fans Can't Get Enough of Joe Musgrove

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Joe Musgrove continues to be the talk around the league as he brought the first no-hitter to the San Diego Padres organization. He likely won't have to pay for a drink or dinner for the rest of his life in San Diego. Continue listening to hear about the ever-so-hot Ronald Acuna Jr.
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Yeah. Especially when you look at it, you know, within the context of the Orioles, empty stadium Freddie gray game, right? Like that's very different. All right, Jordan shusterman. Let's talk about joe Musgrove, joe Musgrove the san Diego son. The son of the son of the pot. The Padres. He's a padre, he's the son of the city of san Diego. He's a padre. San Diego, Padres san Diego son at the same time. But not El Nino that touches joe must go through the first no hitter in franchise history. Last friday. Uh Now this is particularly notable because the Padres were the final team, the last team in the major leagues. Before we get, you know, the Portland lumber yard to have a no hitter they were last uh and it was just pretty fucking cool Jordan. Yeah. And you know, when they when Preller went out and and traded for Darvish uh, and traded for Snell and and must grow and Clevinger, right? Of course, You know, Clevinger this year, it was like, all right, well, clearly he would prefer it that the Padres do throw a no hitter at some point this season, but Musgrove would not have been the one that you pick because that's why I love that must grow. Did it? Because he all of his stuff and his his breakout that has been kind of been waited on for the last few years has not necessarily been predicated on like, oh my God, he has some of the best stuff and it's like this is a really good picture. It gets groundballs, strikeouts have gone up, but like, it's not like he's out there throwing the best stuff we've ever seen, right. Um but to have an outing like that and yes, the rangers offense is abominable as we'll get to later. Um he was amazing and we should also point out no walks either. This is a, this was a no walk, no non perfect game because of the hit by pitch to Joey gallo, but just a flawless game. It was beautiful, but he was the one that got to do it a little disappointed that I was in texas and not in san Diego, but obviously a huge moment. This is a guy, we know he's from san Diego, he's got a Padres tattoo he's had with him for his whole career. It's just it's so wrote about this, I wrote about this, you know at our new gig or fox sports this week, like joe like people are from places like some people are completely joe Musgrove is like from san Diego, you know what I mean? Like Jordan and I are like kind of from Maryland, you know, but like joe Musgrove is like a san Diego, like go through his instagram. He's got a lot of, he's always wearing vans, he's at strip malls outside doing workouts, he's going to the beach, he's surfing, I was really fascinated to see where you're going to go with, he's from san Diego, go look through his instagram. Like what is san Diego culture? I feel like that's a very nebulous kind of L. A. Adjacent. But you got you like the culture worries though. I know SAN Diego culture is like you know the snl skit the so cal so cal lifestyle, the one the one with Kyle Mooney and uh Beck Bennett, they're like you were the kicker keeps dad's Kanda, that like that's like Samuel lifestyles like Volcom, it it's it's hitting the surf. It's true, some treading some nar, you know, heading down to the Oce. Uh So anyway that's joe Musgrove and it is very nice that he was the guy who did it because this was kind of like this weird cloud over the franchise. We're like the you know we always talk about this like the Padres are the 30th team, your friend names when they're trying any baseball teams and the lack of a no no in a way was like a little slice of that story. also I'm 100 certain that Joe Musgrove knew about this when he was traded there when he had a no no through seven. Like like on top of I'm throwing a no hitter for the first time in my career. He was certainly thinking oh my God, I know this, I've been a Padres fan since I was four. I know the body has never thrown a no hitter. Like if this was chris paddock or yu darvish or Clevenger or you know whoever the hell or blacks now, there's a chance that they wouldn't have known that, right? Which is fun. Like they don't need to know the franchise history, but like this is setting up, Joe Musgrove grew up thinking about like when he was going to like watch woody Williams pitch in like 2000 and five, you know, that was in his consciousness, You know, when, when whoever was was throwing a no no through five, you know, 13 year old Joe Musgrove was like, what am I going to see it? And then for him to do it is really, it was cool to see the other uh san Diego guys around the league, all of whom were somehow on the Pirates in steven Brault Trevor Williams like being like, I'm happy, it was joe, like it's cool that it was joe, like it matters that it was him again off obviously would have been cool if it was in Petco, but congrats to the Padres and like, you know, this is a nice little symbolic victory for them, they're a real team, they do real team things now throw no hitters, right? It is crazy in this era that it had gone that long, you know, to to not have a no, no, but for him to do, it was really special. And of course we have to point out as we record this on Tuesday, joe Musgrove next scheduled start, Wednesday night in Pittsburgh, where else he will try to do his johnny vander meer against the team that traded him away uh justifiably so, but that will be a very, very special, I will, I will very much be tuned into that, so um yeah, man, but it's, and also in a more macro point, uh if joe Musgrove is awesome, wow, the potteries are because we've just pencil them in, it's like a really good for, you know, that's kind of how we've been thinking about him, but he's matt, I mean.