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Feeling Like A Nervous Wreck?

From Audio: Diggin Dirt - FMP 007
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This is a trick worth stealing and applying so as to overcome nervousness when going out there to perform. You do not want to skip this.
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Well, I've I've always thought that nerves, um, have this dual effect you can. You can have a nervous feeling and let it paralyze you and make you afraid. Or that nervous feeling can sort of shut off a certain part of your brain where you just do. And you like zero in because it's do or die. It's right now people are watching, or this is like the biggest thing you've ever done. So it's like you have to think about it a little bit. Nerves, I think for me as a vocalist, they they're always there. I've never I've never not been at least a little bit nervous. But it's what it's what you do with that, Um, that crazy feeling. Um, I've even had nights where, like, horrible, tragic things were happening in my life right before a gig. And then you see the crowd and you see like Oh, shit, it's now It's right now and it's like, uh, start with your nervous or not, and it's like your brain shuts off and you you go into this place in your head where you're you're listening to your own sound, not like you're making it. But you're just allowing it to happen and allowing it to come through. I think that's the proper use of nerves. I think for me, too. Once you get on stage, it really it's like this. This special space specials section of your brain consciousness steps into that. Really, it's different. You know, I can have I can feel like shit. I have a hangover or whatever I get on stage and all of a sudden I'm like, Oh, yeah, I'm back on stage. This is almost what I'm living for and and I got to bring the vibe for these people in the audience. I got to play my part well, you know, and I get to be up there with these guys that I consider family, and it's just it's a totally different headspace, and for me it takes me, and I don't have a choice but to be in it there. Some ancient peoples and musical cultures. Uh, I believe they referred to this as getting saucy as a mother must have been. Well, yes, we used to be much more nervous when we were first, starting at the beginning and, you know, only playing locally. Still, we would totally feel and you'd see it in our faces. We were nervous, for sure, but I think it's pretty cool how we really grew quickly as individuals. I mean, there was a time where none of us danced on stage. You know, it's like we're all too self conscious and that's boring. And, yeah, it's boring. You realize that's boring. And are we played dance music? Of course it's in us. We want to be dancing. And so we kind of just like grown, maybe not even consciously, but just through playing over and over. And it's great how we've really gotten comfortable with each other and, like Tyler said, we get up there and it's just like this thing that us, as eight friends have done now enough to feel like we can just do it. We just know we can. And so for me personally, I've lost a lot of that nervous feeling. We get up there and I mean, sure, now that we've been doing festivals this summer, it is different, you know, it's a different kind of feeling, but even then we just know what we're going to play, and we're comfortable playing together and Really? What I think we're lucky is that people enjoy our music, you know, And it's this positive feedback loop that we're riding. And once you see people moving in the audience, it's just 100 times easier. You start to feel real good. Yeah, you just feel good about what's going on. And one thing is definitely true if you want. If you want people to get down moderately, you need to get down heavily. You know, if you want people, if you want people to bleed for you, you have to hemorrhage for that. And so I think in that way there isn't much room for self conscious behavior. You? Yeah. Yeah, we've all kind of rid ourselves of it. I guess you got to be a clown on stage. Yeah. Total ego test. Just look at me. Look at me.
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