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Female-Presenting Nipples vs. Tumblr

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The Bat-Minute crew discuss the hypocrisy around showing/not showing nipples (and how to mess with people)
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just very vaguely the whole, the way that they are settled very much reminded me of the whole controversy around tumbler a few years back when they were uh censoring uh not safe for work content. And there was the specific phrase female presenting nipple that and that's what I was. I just kept thinking about that when I saw that when the bad girls it was revealed I was like uh of course there's a difference with female presenting nipples. I like the way people I know like drag queens and stuff would deliberately toy with that because they'd be dressed all in drag but they wouldn't have a top on so tumbler like it's confusing to them. What do we do do we send to this? I don't know. Oh yeah that's the best part is when people are just trying to mess with tumbler going like I don't know what to do. Is this nipple female presenting or no, I can't decide. Great. I think Crystal Beth had a whole handling like frequent guests on the show. Crystal Beth had a remember her having a whole big thing online giving out about like they kept centering her nipples on instagram. Yeah, instagram. Does it too? Yeah. She replaced them with the little pictures of Nicolas Cage. Oh perfect. That is brilliant. I think of them that I think I might have been a final result. I think initially she got pictures of male nipples. I was going to say to that, Yeah, just Photoshop them on top of her own but apparently it was still too much for them. Like what's the mail?