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[FF] Social Media Producer Molly Ann Hale on The Impact of Audio: The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 123

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The ROI Online Podcast
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While you might not get away with watching tv or YouTube videos at work, it’s often easier to listen to a podcast in your spare time. That’s why podcasts and other audio content are becoming so popular—and why you should take advantage of this growth and think about creating a podcast yourself. In t
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While you might not get away with watching tv or YouTube videos at work, it’s often easier to listen to a podcast in your spare time. That’s why podcasts and other audio content are becoming so popular—and why you should take advantage of this growth and think about creating a podcast yourself. In this Feature Friday episode of the ROI Online Podcast, Steve talks with Molly Ann Hale, Social Media Producer at Vurbl (the YouTube of Audio), about how to get your current or future podcast discovered by more listeners—and even make money from it. Molly is a Producer, Executive Assistant, Social Media Specialist, Web Designer & Writer. She’s currently the Social Media Producer at Vurbl, an audio streaming destination for all types of audio creators, and anyone that loves listening to audio. Vurbl supports audio creators build their station and helps listeners connect with meaningful content.Promoting, marketing, and monetizing your podcast can be hard at times, more so when competing with platforms like YouTube. Luckily there’s a new tool that can get your podcast out there so you can increase your listeners and achieve your goals.Among other things, Molly and Steve discussed:Mollys’ backgroundEverything you need to know about Vurbl–The Youtube for AudioGood Audiobooks you should listen toThe best ways to market and monetize your podcast Some great tools Vurbl offers to share your content and get more engagementWhat makes Vurbl different from Internet Radio, Anchor, and other platforms You can learn more about Molly here:Follow Molly on LinkedInYou can learn more about Vurbl here: the books mentioned in this podcast:The Golden Toilet by Steve BrownThinking of starting your own podcast? Buzzsprout’s secure and reliable posting allows you to publish podcasts online. Buzzsprout also includes full iTunes support, HTML5 players, show statistics, and WordPress plugins. Get started using this link to receive a $20 Amazon gift card and to help support our show!Support the show ($stevemfbrown)
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So what's the, what's the future of verbal? I think if you ask the team, they would say taking over the world, but um, I think it's just first of all, the big one, it's going to allow creators to monetize their content, you know, which right now, a lot of people, most podcasters are not making any money for their efforts whatsoever. Um, so that's, that's a big one. That's a big one for me. I've been, I've been creating content, I've been a comedian, I've been a producer for a long time and I have, you know, yes, anybody, you don't really see a lot of return on that work. So now there's a place where, especially if you get in early and you know, to, to our listeners now, now is a great time to get on because we haven't quite turned on as yet. You have to, you know, but get your station set up and get your bearings on how to use everything. And then when ads are ready and you, you've got enough listens like damn, you're off to the races, you know, So that's, that's number one. number two, like I said, I think it's going to open up a whole new genre of audio influencers that we don't even understand yet because our idea of an audio influencer is a podcaster, but that has a very strict structure most of the time. So I think there's a lot of weird stuff that's going to come out of this. I think there's a lot of creative stuff that's going to come out of this that we cannot even imagine yet. Um, I think those are probably the two biggest things that I would say.
you know, with the folks that I that are, oh, I takes care of, you know, their business owners, they're wanting to know what, what's this internet marketing, what's this content that we're doing and we like, we help them understand the value of a blog. A blog is like this very nicely dressed sales person that stands there quietly doesn't annoy anyone, doesn't have bad breath, doesn't have food stuck in the teeth. And when someone has a question that's relevant about that topic, the blog shows up and then what's the blog do? And here's some more over here on their website and I see that these snippets from all of these things can do the exact same thing for you. Yes, that's a great point. Thank you for doing my heavy lifting. So because the snippets are shareable and embed herbal, they're perfect for blog posts are perfect for websites um to help drive traffic. Absolutes 100%. We highly recommend, highly recommend we like to take those verbal snippets and then we'll do an embed on the blog just to supplement or to augment the blog so that it's more effective. You know, some, some ap news organizations are using this as well because then you can have this audio maybe of the interview of the person or the doctors involved or you know, the police officer who's talking about, you can have that audio embedded right in the news article. So a lot of people are finding some excellent uses for it. Yeah, imagine you can listen to the person say you don't even have to watch a video. I put my all my stuff on Youtube as well and people go listen to your podcast on, Yeah, you don't have to stand there and stare at it. You can listen people are they associate Youtube with having to look at a screen. So that's why verbal is exciting because right off the bat, we're letting people know, you know, this is all off screen. You can, you can be cleaning your house, you can be driving, you can be, you know, in traffic, can be playing with your kids. It's wonderful for like bedtime stories or, you know, keeping your kids active while they're listening. Or we were talking a little bit about, you know, Sesame Street and that example that you're giving about, they didn't think the kids were paying attention because they were playing while the tv show was on, but really the kids were listening. So um, you know, verbal I think is great because they don't expect you to be connected to your screen and it just frees you up for multitasking or whatever life.
I remember as a kid laying in bed listening to my little portable radio and it was like mystery theater radio, and then on saturday it was this comedy. It was, it was called Chicken man. He was a part time superhero on the weekend. We might have both of those things on the platform, I'm not sure, but we should check afterwards. I love that one. So when you're thinking about you have a podcast, you have a book you're wanting to get discovered and you're thinking about how to market your podcast, how would you go about an unavailable platform? Well, like I said, verbal is extremely shareable. Right? So the snippet tool number one, um the more you snip and, and um share your snippets, the more you're going to get people interest in your content through those small pieces of your content. Um, so number one, I would say use a snippet to as much as possible share on social tag out whoever is relevant to your piece of audio, because sharing on social will get you more organic views will get you more like, so if you have a guest tagged them out, if that guess, you know is a famous comedian and they work a lot at the comedy store, maybe the comedy store would would share if you just tagged and let them know that this content is there. So number one snippets and share on social, Number two, I want to say we are really rolling out the red carpet for early adopters and for ambassadors, so that means, you know, we build a lot of our own playlists in house and we're always looking for content to put on these playlists that are very long tail discovery ability, right? So um for our ambassadors, if you come on board we know who you are, we know your content, we're always trying to find ways to put you on playlist to get you in front of people in new ways for Discovery. So um those are two major things Ambassador did I say Ambassador? Um thirdly I would say you know sharing, sharing with your networks, right? Our networks are really powerful tools and getting together with other podcasters. Really powerful tool because you have access to their audience, they have access to your audience. So I would say if you're doing those three things like not even just ambassadors, early adopters on our platform, we are really working to get you seen too. You know we are in the back of google analytics every single day checking out who's sharing us on facebook, who you know who is making snippets, who is just talking about us and we are happy happy happy to re share those efforts.
when you think about how hard it is for podcast today to get their podcast discovered, it's a challenge. It can be very difficult. Yes, but verbal has, by the way, have a podcast. So I know who doesn't these days though. Right, Right. But when, when you start a podcast, you're wanting to connect with your audience and it's like, where do I post my stuff? And then when you go, when you do a search for that, it's hard to find things. And yet there happens to be this brand new platform that is for audio. What youtube is for video and it's called verbal. V U R B L. You're you're that person that's connecting all the, the creators to their audience. Right, That's right. So I'm spearheading the Ambassador program for verbal and we are reaching out to anybody who has an expertise in some kind of field that they want to share via our platform by creating playlists or curating thought leaders in their category. And as we're in exchange, we are giving these creators lots of free promotion for their content, their audio, their playlists, their station across our social, our homepage, our email newsletters and marketing that we do. So we think it's a great way for people to get discovered in their audio to get discovered. Yeah. So when you say a creator, it's not just podcasters. That's right. We've got all kinds of audio from musicians to podcasters, to interviewers, to people who just have, you know, there's so much audio in the world that I think a lot of people don't even know what to do with, and we have lots of people that say, oh, we really love verbal because I have all this audio now. I can put it in one place, I can catalog it. I can actually share it on social, which was something that was very hard to do. And make playlists that combines their audio with lots of other kinds of audio to make these more interesting, um, listening experiences. So not only can creators go plop their content there. Yes, we say upload, but plot is funny and then, and then connect with your audience. But people that love to listen to free audio, they can go there and find almost anything. We have almost all of the audio in the universe and how they started was by ingesting all the public domain, um, audio. So that, that was, that was the beginning. And then we have pretty much every podcast you can think of plus a lot of old concerts, historical. Um, speech is uh, it's just a really fascinating world of audio that you, it's very hard to find in other places like Old Time radio. These are things that, you know, the websites that used to house this audio aren't even functioning anymore because the people either let the websites go or they're just, you know, they get old and they move on. So we're happy to be a place where we're gathering up all those orphans and serving them up to you guys for free. I was amazed when I was doing the research for this, how many people search for Sleep sounds? Oh yes, that is a big one. That is a big one. And we've got some great sleep sounds creators on our platform. Um Dream Sounds is one of them. We've got yellow brick cinema, um really fascinating genre and I think because people like to listen to it all throughout the night, it's like just hours and hours of this really interesting soothing music. So you can not only just put your long form content, but you can chop it up in a little short bite sized pieces and then put it in a playlist even That's right. So one of the functions of our site that is unique to verbal is our snippet tool. And what this allows you to do is take a chunk of any piece of audio that we have on the platform and share it. So, you know, before you would listen to a 45 minute podcast episode and you would say, hey friends, I really like this podcast episode and you, you know, tell them about it and they maybe would or wouldn't get to it. But now with verbal, you can take the best five minutes of that podcast episode, share it on social, and then if people like it, they can come back and listen to the whole episode. So it's really a cool function that allows podcasters to make promo s right inside of the platform, so they don't have to, you know, by all this other software. Um It just makes sharing and going viral with audio Easy, which has not been available to creators up until now.
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