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Five Minutes With Da Gee: Da-Gman favourites for relegation 2020/2021 season

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Last Played: July 03, 2021
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DaGman shares his honest opinions on his predicted TOP 6 & BOTTOM 3 finish for this season. Who will DaGman choose to win the Premier League?
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well, they've invested nicely, like they they've been, they've been shrewd in, in, in the market, you know, they brought in Ollie Watkins from Brentford, they've brought in Martinez from arsenal, the F. A Cup hero, they brought in ross Barkley, you know, Chelsea player who's got a lot of experience, but Chelsea's from ever and they've invested well, and also, I think one of the biggest factors is they've got Jack relates to sign that new long term contract and I think that has just changed the atmosphere in the club. They're playing a lot better football, I don't know if you've seen much of them this season, but asked them to look kind of awesome at times, you know, Jack Grealish looks more freer um on the pitch, you know what I'm saying? And you know, Martinez has definitely put confidence in that back four. So Yeah, I'm going to ask them village to finish in 6th position, so you have people that was my top six, but now I am going to lead you onto my bum free. Um so it's just time from 18th position. I believe that Sheffield United are going to finish 18th. I've got to be real from what I've seen so far this season, four games lost shuffle tonight are not looking in good form and they haven't been looking informed since the lockdown when they came back from the lockdown. They really lost their moment and they haven't picked up since Chris Wilder's team was absolutely excellent at the beginning last season, come on, well being ruler, they even had an 18 game Um Unbeaten streak, you know, away from home, which was incredible. 14 has just come up from the championship, but they have not been that team since and they just don't seem to be able to score goals and they aim well, they can't Even stop the goals from going in. So yeah, 18th position, Sheffield United. So people in 19th position and I don't think there's any shocks here west from Slevin villages, west from, let's just be real there looking like a championship team. Um, this, I'm just lost for words for what's already say here. There's, there's nothing I can actually say that's gonna make them sound better than they actually are at the moment. They just don't know that they're going to be able to score many goals Defensively, their woeful there. There, there doesn't seem to be a cohesion there and rumor has it seven villages actually, um, in a bad place with the board because they sold a player that he wasn't expected to be sold. So you know, I think Westbrook, I've got a lot to try and chew on the season And I don't think they're going to be capable of chewing their way to survive. So West Brom is gonna be, the team are choosing to finish 19th and the team I choose to finish 20th, definitely. No surprises here, Fulham, the West London club just just come up, but I'm telling you they look woeful, absolutely woeful and that's not no discredit to scott parker because he's done a fantastic job of, you know, getting them to bounce back straight into the Premier League after their relegation the season before lost. But that said this season, they just do not look like a team at all. They look like a bunch of individuals, even though they've got the likes of Luqman and mitrovich um they they've even got loftis cheek from Chelsea, but you know, I don't know what to say, like Fulham just don't look like a Premier League team at all, They just look very substandard. Um hopefully they proved me wrong and if they do I'll you know ask one of my pride and take it on the chin. But at the end of the day I just don't think for them all gonna stay up I don't think they're good enough and yet I think they're going to get relegated. So. People. Yeah. Mhm.
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