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Five Minutes With Da Gee: My 3 issues with V.A.R

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Last Played: July 03, 2021
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Even though Da-Gman was a big advocate for brining V.A.R into the game he definitely has been one of it's biggest critics since it's introduction, Da-Gman out lines his 3 main issues with V.A.R and he doesn't hold back.
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they are not being used in other competitions. I've got free main issues with VR. My first issue is communication. I feel that we've the introduction of er what has it's created a sort of bubble between the referee and the players and the fence. So when a decision is being made, the referee is basically talking to someone from Stockley Park, no one knows what the referee and the V. A. R. Assistant are talking about. My issues, like why can't they open the channels of dialogue up so everyone can hear it. I'm not saying like everyone needs to hear every single word that VR and the referee are saying throughout much. But I mean, for key incidents where the game actually stops, why can't they just open up the channel so we can hear exactly what VR saying. You can hear exactly what the referee saying back to VR. So we all get a picture of like, okay, so they're actually looking at a free kick which happened because so and so has hit someone, so um but right now it's all guesswork and yeah, it's quite frustrating. I don't know how you feel about that yourselves, but for me, it's frustrating watching the game just no, not knowing what's happening. My second issue with VR is I feel like VR is coming and taking control of the game rather than help assist the referee. And I don't know if you get the same sort of feeling, but it's like almost like the referees shine away from making big decisions now. Um and basically just relying on VR to make that decision for them when really and truthfully via is meant to be there to assist the referee, Is it not? So I I just assumed that when VR was going to come to the forefront of the game, it would just be one of those things where a referee would be in a hot spot, not know what decision to make and then be able to say look to someone in the air piece. Look, can I um is it worth me going to look at the tv screens just to have a further look at that And then someone from the from wherever Stockley Park, just so you might say, yeah, well we've had a look at several times. I do suggest that you gotta look at the tv screen bam simple done, you know what I'm saying like? But at the moment there's just like all this reliance on tap in the air and are it seems like the referees like, so what, what do you think I should do? Like heck It is, it's confusing because it's like you're in control of the game, they're just they're watching a replay. They can, for for me it's like they can give you a guide on, you know what's happened. But please ref just go and look at the incident yourself on replay. You get me and make your own decisions. Like at the end of that you are the referee. That's what you're getting paid for. You know what I'm saying? Like that's my issue of it because it's like I said home, we get to see it trillions of times or replace slow moles from all different angles you get me and that's always been the issue. Referees have never had that in their lives. Like they've just seen it once and they made the decision. So now we've got video technology. Why doesn't the referee just use the video technology? Not just use via our but use the video technology at the sidelines and take onus on making the decision himself. Again, I don't know how you feel about that, but just please let me know. And lastly, it's just the hotbed of inconsistencies which is happening at the moment, which is absolutely frustrating lack Don't get me wrong. It's quite fun seeing, you know, VR make a bad decision when it's not your team. It is, you know, in hindsight, you know, when it happens to your team, it's not fun at all. Do you get me? Honestly, you want V. A. R to be consistent across the board, all matches. You know what I'm saying? You want VR to basically treat all incidents the same. You don't want different decisions happening in different games. You don't want different referees making different decisions. Because that's always been the issue. Like everyone's always saying, football is subjective to get me and different people see different ways. Well, if you've got laws in the game, then the laws really shouldn't be subjective. We should everyone should be following the same laws so we can at least have the same outcomes on the same sort of issues.
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