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Five Minutes With Da Gee: To take the KNEE or not to take the KNEE!

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Last Played: July 06, 2021
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DaGman shares his views on Footballers taking a Knee and what sort of impact he feels it has had on the English game. This topic has been very divisive which players recently speaking out about having to take the knee, feeling that the impact has been lost from the gesture and it now being a PR exercise for those in power. DaGman doesn't quite share this view so lets hear what he has to say.
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you know, ever since its introduction at the tail end of last season with the whole George fled blowback and the internet players, you know, wanting to show their support for the fight against racial discrimination and police brutality, you know, organizations jumping on the band migrants, you know, the general public jumping on the bandwagon. And it really took the country the end up and, you know, effectively took the world by storm. You know, everyone, it just seems like everyone in every different country, there was some sort of pop up of a Black Lives Matter Movement and people really trying to speak up and get their voices heard. But since then, you know, the football organizations over here have decided to, you know, carry on, you know, taking the need to um, basically project the image of showing support for, um, Black Lives Matter Movement or not a sense, not the Black Lives Matter Movement, but, you know, just for racial equality. Um, and the fight against racial discrimination, some people will say nothing's happening anyway. Um You know, they look at the cases like what happened with um right being racist, racially abused by a 14 year old Irish kid and him, the kids getting acquitted even though he admitted to, you know, direct message in your racially abusing him. And you know, we've seen countless numbers of cases pop up in the the you know past week of players like William marshall, um Ivan Tony, you know, all these players being abused on their social media networks. I don't know, there's like some sort of friends, you know, after every game there's an incident like supposed fans want to, you know, essentially abuse their own players or abuse opposing players. And what makes it even worse is the fact that social media's um you know, the platforms there, it's like they're not taking it serious like with racism, they don't want to take no actions to bend racism. It seems like, you know what I'm saying? They don't want to take no actions at, you know, for me, the simplest thing that they could ever do is have some sort of verification, you know, associated with your account. You know, just like when we set up our email accounts and we set up after accounts out there for various other platforms, you know, to prove who we are. So basically we can hold our own accountability for anything that we do give me that. How simple would that be if they just done that? And you know what I believe has been the best outcome so far of players taking a knee is the fact that we are now having these conversations, we are having these conversations regularly. You know, we're having these conversations week to week, we've got players talking about it, we've got managers talking about you've got you've got myself sitting right hand right now, talking about it, okay. And I'm you know, trying to levy a debate around it. You've had the L. J. A. Do the same thing on his podcast and you've got many other people doing the same thing on their podcasts, on their shows and all sorts here. And then you've got people who have taken any they've jumped on that bandwagon, you know, and they're they're not seeing change themselves now, they're feeling quite demoralised. I'm thinking, well, you know, I've been doing this and nothing's changing, still get racially abused online now they're getting hurt, they're putting their voices that I still believe taking any so important because once we do take the knee away, it's radio silence. Once you ain't got, once we haven't got that symbolic gesture there, what do we have to keep that flame of light for the conversation to happen? That's my argument, you know, and that that is the biggest perfect play. If we were not to take the knee at this stage, we were just abandon it, you know? Yeah, it's gonna be of the same effect as taken in me, no change is going to happen, but it's gonna be no changes happen. With radio silence, you hear me? There is gonna be no conversation. Where's the conversation going to come for? Who's going to talk up? You know, you're not gonna get people that are upset with people taking a knee. So there's not gonna be that that now that conversation now, oh yeah, why why were people taking the knee? You know, you know, you're not gonna get people who are taking a knee taking the knee and speaking up about racial injustice, and if they're not talking about racial injustice, it's like, oh, there must be no racial injustice. So it's it's it's it's um it's a double edged sword, in my opinion already, than people. So now I've got a question for you. Do you agree we've taken me or do you disagree? Do you want the players to stop taking me or do you want them to continue taking any um do you believe that, you know, taking the knee helps in the fight for racial equality and put the fight against police brutality? Or do you think it doesn't do anything?
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