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Pardon My Sarcasm! with Ashley D & Fuze B
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everything. Yeah. Well I mean if you know they continue to do that with Shem Creek, it would just be a sign that the town of Mount Pleasant has something against live music. You know, so our people partying. Yeah. You know, you gotta fight for your right to party Beastie boys. Yeah. You know, so you work with a lot of kids. Um What what made you do that? I mean obviously, you know, probably you're playing guitar and somebody probably came up to you one day and said, hey would you teach my kid? But you seem to like it. You know, you light up by the way, you light up when you talk about the kids. Um you know, apart from playing gigs, you know, I need to find something to do between monday through friday and I ended up doing that and I got really good at that. I found out that I had just really good interpersonal communication skills. Have a lot of patients um for different personalities because when you're teaching people you're dealing with like a bunch of different personalities in the room, whether it's all of them together or one on one and we have to realize that my personality is different from your personality and and and all that and we have to come together and accommodate with each other on that. Um And I also remember that there's a lot of people when they come to a music teacher that might be the very first time they've actually hung out or talk to a musician interesting. You know what I mean? So you have to put on like this really good, you know, um presentation. Use them to the world. Yeah. And make it and make it have a good presentation. Good introduction to the that world and I have a lot of enjoyment from it. Um, I teach over at back to rock over Mount Pleasant and the Bell hall shopping center next to Dog and Duck. Um, I worked through monday through friday. I was doing it monday through saturday but gigging on the weekends and then trying to get up on early on a saturday morning and have your first year saturday. But yeah, but I do enjoy it. I'm also considering trying to teach people in the north area. I have a lot of people that I know in the north area like Hannah, Hannah and, and north charleston that would love to have a session with me. But they don't want to make that drive to Mount Pleasant, you know. Yeah, I can understand, I can understand that but yeah, you're kind of missing out. Kind of missing out on a great teacher. You seem like a really um passionate. Yeah. My, my best, my best mentors were always uh musicians and teachers and there was something that a teacher taught me that I ended up giving to all my students was that um, he told me that nothing is ever really hard. It's just unfamiliar and you can use that with. Yeah, you can use that hard. It's unfamiliar, interesting. I always I tend to always use that comment like it's hard and I and I'm gonna start using that one instead. It's not hard. It's just unfamiliar. So when people always tell me like, oh my God, life is hard. I'd be like, well what are you comparing it too hard compared to what? So, you know, I'm opening up businesses. I own, I own my own real estate company doing podcasting. We have a studio we're opening up and it's hard. It's more unfamiliar compared to what I don't know, you know what I mean? I mean? It's not hard. It's not even hard work. It's just a lot of work, you know, it's a lot of thinking and I get overwhelmed. Um but it's mostly because it's unfamiliar unfamiliar territory, but if everybody was doing it, if it was easy, everybody would be doing do it. Yeah. So if it was familiar for everyone, then everybody would be doing it. It's just like the podcast. You know, a lot of people are like, oh, I could never do that. It's not that that's not hard. Just sit in front of. But it did take me a while to do it though because it was very unfamiliar territory for me. Yeah, you want to make sure that when people are coming in and learning something that, that unfamiliar territory doesn't like steer them away or make them feel a certain kind of way. You want to make a conscious Yeah, you want to make it where it's like this really nice experience and if you do fall while you're trying to do it, get back up, you know, just keep going. Um You know, I learned from a lot of good teachers and I learned from a lot of bad teachers and I learned from what what to do that's cool and what's not, you know. Um But as far as like your life sounds a lot like mine, like apart from teaching, I'm also uh you know, I own my own production company, a video production company. And uh the biggest thing that I'm finding for myself owning a video production company, teaching performing. Um and all that is the delegation of time. You know, the time where, you know, you try to get this said task done and you know, you don't seem to have all that time of the day for my free time and my availability are not the same thing. Yeah, I don't know which one either one is, but I do try to make time for myself, but I do wish there was an extra like four or five hours in the day before I wear out. You know, it's interesting. It is interesting, but I'm but I'm up for it and I did sign up for it and so did you. Yeah. Right. Exactly. So it's hard to complain about it, right? It's easy to complain, nobody cares. Sounds like we're all people of action that we love to be doing things all the time. I don't know what action. Well the other thing is that as soon as my life gets a little calm I try something. I add something and I'm sure that's exactly a listen. Before we go on. Let's take a little break and we'll be back after these messages. I are you looking for a show that discusses all things pro football and pro wrestling? Well look no further than tap out some touchdowns, Bully Ryan. His guests go in depth into the world of professional wrestling and along with show correspondent PJ Stephen Review paper view specials from wrestling companies all over the world. Bully Right. Also gives his best fantasy football advice throughout the NFL season so you can get that edge to finally finish better than third in your fantasy football league. Follow the show on twitter at tapout T. D. S. Or look for him on facebook at tap outs and touchdowns and be sure to check out the show now available on Spotify, google and Apple podcasts or simply wherever you get your podcasts
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