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Former Bachelor Colton Underwood Comes Out as Gay

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Last Played: April 26, 2021
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Former Bachelor Colton Underwood comes out as gay. Host Sarah Hearon discusses early signs of Colton Underwood’s sexuality from his book, seeking to confirm that he was straight through being the Bachelor, and more.
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Colton was on Becca coup Friends season of The Bachelorette, then we saw him on Paradise, and then we saw him Be the Bachelor. And I read Colton's book which came out around this time last year. If you've been listening to this podcast for a long time, you might have even heard him promote it on this very show. And in his book he was pretty candid about growing up and questioning his sexuality. He made, he wrote about being in high school and Googling like why don't I want to have sex with my girlfriend and his dad finding the google searches and kind of had them having not really conversations about it, his dad just hearing rumors about him and him like shutting it down and he mentioned, they never brought it up again. And in the book, his kind of theme was that the Bachelor and cassie helped him, confirmed that he was straight and now obviously he is saying that that is not true. Um he had this self discovery journey over the last year and something he's been pushing down since He was six years old is coming to light. You know 2020 was an interesting year for everyone and I think a lot of people had time to kind of come to terms with, come to terms with things or realizing about themselves or learn about themselves and this has been Colton's journey. Um It also was interesting to note, just for someone who obviously watches the Bachelor and if you guys obviously watched the Bachelor in his book, he was pretty open about the fact that he went on paradise because the producers told him that it would give him a better chance of being the bachelor and he was so determined to be the bachelor and you know, we thought at the time it was because he just you know, whatever thought it was gonna help you find love or maybe wanted the same probably bow, he really wanted to be the bachelor after his experience on the bachelor. He was pretty beloved on the Bachelorette if I remember correctly. Um and they had success in the in recent years with nick vile going on paradise and kind of getting even more kinda he changed his edit completely. Colton, it was more so like let's solidify that people love you whatever. And he had that whole on and off thing with Tia Ravens friend who he met before the show and and Becca's friend. Um and now we kind of know that he wanted to be the bachelor more so because he thought that that was going to ensure that he would end up with a wife and live a life as a straight man. He said on Good Morning America that he, he thanked God the day he was named the bachelor because he thought that that meant he was straight now. It was among the many things that were pretty sad. You know, obviously he's a 29 year old man and that's a long time to be not living as your authentic self as they say. Um and I feel bad for him, but you can also tell that he was relieved, you know, getting all this off his chest and opening up about it. We're going to get into the casting of it on a second, including everything that happened at their breakup because as I think and a lot of people were saying on social media, you can be happy for Colton and proud of Colton and you know excited for him to go on this new journey but also don't forget, you know, he was accused of stalking and harassment and those text messages were not okay and really uncomfortable and I can only imagine what cast is thinking now, but also everything she's already been through with Colton. I mean him showing up at her house, allegedly the alleged tracking device under her car. I don't care what you were going through that is never okay and I don't think that Good morning America did a good enough job making that clear. I think we kind of like didn't drive into that enough.
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