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Frightmare Theatre Podcats - Episode 2.2 "Beg"

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The Frightmare Theatre Podcast
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The Frightmare Theatre Podcast
Frightmare Theatre Podcast's Hair Raising Halloween Selection Playlist! Dark Greetings, Boils & Ghouls! As a special treat (with a few tricks thrown in) the team in the Arcane Studio has selected some spooky special audio selections to get you in the spirit! Behold the Frightmare Theatre Podcast's Hair Raising Halloween Playlist! #frightmaretheatrepodcast #playlist #horror #audiodrama #horrorfilm #spookyseason #halloween #horroranthology #arcane #vurbl #nightmares #audio #voiceover #production #frightmare #horrorfilm The Frightmare Theatre Podcast
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This short snip from Frightmare Theatre Podcast's 2nd episode of their 2nd season is sure to send chills up your spine. The episode is entitled "BEG" and was written by Jeremy Shelton. STARRING: Drew Diveley, Nathan Shelton, Tyler Tracy, Fiona Mobley, Nicole McLaughlin, & Heath Hillhouse with original MUSIC & THEME by Chris Porcelli & Allison Johnston. "Man's Best Friend" has been a term for far too long... perhaps it's time for a change. #frightmaretheatrepodcast #audiodrama #horrorpodcast #horroranthology #Beg #season2 #episode2 #ArcaneProductions
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Uh huh. Yeah. Uh Wouldn't good Donovan. Yeah. The damn door. What hell? Go live in. What are you doing? How'd you, how'd you get out? Mhm wow. Come on boy. Let's see what's what? Yeah. Oh yeah yeah Girl. What is it? Uh What? I can almost hear words in it. Yeah. Okay. Give up on me. Show yourself creature. Oh I did. God. Is that a wolf crust? Look at its eyes. Stay there, just stay back regions, old man. What? How can that? You are wondering how this is possible? I can talk. We always have communicated you sure with each other, Others like us.