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From a nervous child to a confident human being!

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Best Education News & Trends Audio on Vurbl Welcome to Vurbl's education playlist. This playlist features podcasters who love to talk about the world of education—from K-12 through higher ed. It even features some instructive audio that students and teachers alike can use to better understand their subjects. So if you're an aural learner who loves education, this is the playlist for you! Features podcasts like Teaching Matters, Learning Forward, English Grammar Review, The Small Business Storytellers with Seth Silvers, and more. Vurbl Education & Learning Audio
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Rehan shares his life at school with Dr Ashok Pandey, which helps us understand what goes into the making of a good school and how the stakeholders make all the difference. #MyGoodSchool
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behind. I was four years old when I first joined the school. So I was this young, scared, nervous about a little boy who lamented in this on the first day that I had to go to school because he was told that he had to spend 34 hours of his parents. But now I'm 15 years old and it just it's almost I feel wistful when I recollect, these how these floors have just loan just passed by what team that seconds because I'm a confident human being who values relationships, who values people and that's what my school has made me Excellent. Oh, I think my teacher especially, I must give them 10 because they've lost me and just taken care of me with my imperfections with my flaws and they've never had any expectations from me. It's just been unconditional and pure love. Try to describe. It's not that you just go or something to have our attention, it's just the way they take care of everyone without any expectations to do something in return. That's what does interest me over these years. The most excellent you are going to do. I'm sure the extraordinary things in your life. Hope so and you will occupy a world stage and you are asked to say a few words. You're one minute speech at the celebrity To be honest, I'm a very reserved person. The thing that I lost the most absolutely as thin and to be in the limelight. It's something that makes me nervous, but I've tried to improve opponent through my school to my teachers. But then the thing that I would talk about if I was in that predicament would be to thank the people whom I value the most in my life, my parents, my mother, my father, my teachers, especially my english teachers, my math teacher who helped me when I was really struggling with that subject for always believing in me and standing by me, no matter what the times were, how hard they were, it was almost a real because no matter how many times I feel they were always there to pick me up. No matter how many times I fell down, they never left my side. It's something that I remember and I never forget. It'll always be an important part of my life, an important part of who I am as a person, not a human being, absolutely Raihan Raihan. I don't know you notice it or not when you are speaking both your chairperson and Kalyani map only one thing I could read on their faces, absolute sense of pride and fulfillment and I think that is what anybody who is in education of the Children will look forward to now. You have a very bright future and your absolute sense of gratitude, an acknowledgement of what teachers and what Billabong has done