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and welcome. I'm fine. How are you? Okay? All right. It's so nice of you to join us here. Thank you. Am I right? That you have a special relationship with Denmark? It seems to be that way. Yeah. I don't play in many places in the world. I'm not someone who tours all over, but when I came here, I don't know about 6, 7 years ago I played a a big festival here and ever since that night I've gotten to come back over and over and over again. Do you to be a lot of special relationship with? Yes. Let's Let's applaud that that one. And does it happen that you as an artist developed special relationships with audiences around the world? Yeah, absolutely. It's funny like some of the people that started out as fans in the shows now have become some of our best friends and work with us and travel with us. So it's amazing. I love that. And your song, the song you're Gonna sing is it's called my California. Right? You're right. My Denmark. Yeah, yeah, that is a good idea. Okay. My California. What is that? What is that about? It's actually about my husband. Yeah, he's my California. I'm from California, Born and raised in Los Angeles, but he's tall and he's got blond hair and he saved my life and he changed my life. So yeah, it's about him. It's about him. Yeah. Is it true that you you like a special kind of chocolate thing that you can buy in Denmark. That you can eat in Denmark? How do you know about that? I've heard it. I've heard rumors about it. Okay. So I had it for the first time the other day and I had like six of them and they're like this tall and they're like some kind of special marshmallow with the marzipan at the bottom and it's covered in chocolate. Unbelievable. Can you pronounce it? And then danish? Someone just taught it to me backstage and I don't remember. It's also difficult. One of the very difficult words for foreigners. What is it? What is it flew flew. That's good. That's very good. Okay. Do you want to sing for us? All right. Ladies and gentlemen, both heart and my California. Mhm Well, mm hmm. Mhm. Okay. Yeah. Call in California. It's a hello California. You place with love for I want to say I love you. Miles away. Okay. I am thinking of you. I'll miss you as a way well. Mhm. You love stand the way like the child formula. Yeah. Kind of. I'd have made you some way I was chasing in the eyes of a day. You know me better than Mhm smell remember when I forget my knife. I think you love they must start well washed sun coming for pneumonia. Yeah, please. You love wait, I love you like the Yeah, my California. Mhm