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Gaining Purpose In Life Through Music

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Music has a way of helping people find their path in life. Find out more.
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amazing. Thank you. He said he said it very eloquently. Thank you so much. So tell me about a major event or turning point in your life that you had to overcome and how you overcame it. Well, a turning point in my life. Um, yeah, that's a good question. Oh, my turning point in my life was, um when I get to touch the first bitter, uh, it's really changed my life. The way I see things, the way I see people. So, yeah, it was almost yeah, like getting them better. It opened a lot of opportunities for me, for my family. Uh, you know, I've been, you know, it was like, uh, it made me to to be covered by the newspapers. Back in Zimbabwe, I was written in a popular newspaper called The Hair Out, which was something that not even myself was expecting. I have gone for radio interviews on almost all the channels in Zimbabwe. I have been covered by the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, which is our national television, which is if I was not playing better. I don't know. What else could I have done to make sure that I get all those media houses to come and follow me and ask for an interview for me. Also, I used to play soccer, but then, um uh, the opportunities were quite limited. So when I tend to this, I'm seeing an open heaven. I'm seeing an open heaven end, I think just getting to play and to know this instrument. It has been a life changing moment. I've seen life changing from the way I think from even the way I feel about people this instrument years. Really? Yeah. Rejuvenated my my, my desire to live more to live longer. You know, when you don't have really something that is, uh, clear. If there's no light at the end of the tunnel, you tend to be just weak. You know, you you won't be