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GBLol Part 1 + Augmented Sync

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Trying out a new style blending The Augmented Sync into the Podcast news.
This episode we are discussing  
Skitty Double Dust Shiny Chance
Raid hour Zapdos thundershock available Last day For Jessie and James
Ultra league GBL starts up on Monday at 1pm pst time
Field Research breakthrough will change from Alolan Raichu to Shedinja in October so this is your last chance if you want your Free to play Alolan Raichu as outside of this event and the ultra unlock from after go fest there was no way  to get it FTP(Not including daily raid pass)

Friday 10/2 Starts Fashion week in Paris and starts costumed Pokémon
The new Costumes will be Smoochum hatches with a Bow and Kirlia in Raids with an exclusive move Draining Kiss Shinx with a Top Hat and Croagunk with a Backwards hat for Photobombs
Increased Spawns will be Mareep A good Mega Prep Pokémon if you need a good IVed
Ampharous (forgot to add it in the show but standard goals for PVE Pokémon so a top Attack and Health Defense being low is a good thing for energy gains, but thanks to the mega system you wanna mega evolve your best Pokémon.)

For PVP Cottonee Croagunk are some nice ones to get some good PVP ivs for Cottonee evolved best pvp Great league pvp is 0/14/15 Croagunk evolved is 1/15/15
For Shiny Hunters the newest is Kricketot and maybe all the new costumes Except maybe kirlia as unless specifically noted evolutions done get a shiny chance And The normal spawns for shiny chance is Mareep, roselia, Minccino,Skitty, Kricketot
Mega Houndoom release date hasn't been stated but we can assume it will be Friday as well since Pidgot was the same. And just like the other Megas Mega Houndoom Will have a chance to be shiny.


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