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Genealogy of the Holy War remake talk

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Kolby discusses a recent video by PlayerEssence that indicates a potential Genealogy of the Holy War remake is the next Fire Emblem game.
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All right. And that was roughly an hour and 56 minutes of fire and talk if you're still listening. Thank you very much. I am just here to give you guys current news since I was an older episode currency of player essence of video made a video on Youtube highlighting Nintendo leaks and stuff of that nature. Nothing confirmed or anything like that. But a Z bo blog, which Zebo is, I think that's his name. I'm sorry if I'm mispronouncing it's in the video players in the player essence video, you'll find it by oath is doing the fusing thing in the thumbnail. It's pretty sweet. But he said that there was there, is that the next Fireman game is done. It's been made, it's complete. It's just about ready we put out and it is a genealogy of the Holy War remake, which I believe is the fourth game in the Fireman series of 17 or whatever mainline games. And it is made strictly by intelligence systems and that. Coy Techno was working on the next like main mainline game, like a completely original story. Uh, Pat past three houses. It's not, there's no nothing saying that is a three houses seek or anything like that. Just they're working on the next mainline game and that genealogy Holy War is essentially like a links awakening. It's like a filler in between the main titles. In my opinion on it is, I don't know how well it's going to work or translate to a modern day like atmosphere. I brought this up on this episode that we recorded, that got uh lost in history, like the switch has been a console of reimagining and reinventing and I don't know what they can do in this game that they didn't do in three houses because they completely from what I've gathered about firing knowledge, they just took the old formula apart and redid it and got three houses and three houses is the most successful game in that entry sales wise and probably one of the best. Angina is a holy war. It's just been, it was out in 1996 and I was born 2000 one. So and the audience isn't that big. It was only in Japan, it would be completely new game, which is a plus. You get people to buy it firearm stocks at an all time high right now with heroes three houses, three houses DLC the next game coming hopefully 83 in a couple of weeks and hopefully if this is, it is revealed to be three in a couple of weeks but I don't know how well it's going to translate what they can do to make it interesting enough to keep the fire most stock at an all time high. You've characters like Sigurd and sell if I think Tyler Miss corrected me on the old episode, those are two characters are well known and they're recognizable blue hair protagonists. Right along with the Fireman line, I only, I only know them from Heroes, There's only two characters I know from the story to be honest, all my, all my knowledge about this is from Heroes. Just playing the mobile game, It's great, Laura wise, if you need another reason to play it. But yeah, geology, the Holy War, I think it has potential to succeed here and it just depends on how they spice it up because now you have, do you go back to the old conventional ways of as it was in 1996 or even the old farming needs or do you continue to re innovate these remakes and these remasters? If it is one of those two, you can see how to implement these new ideas into those games. And that's what I think intelligence systems has asked themselves and what they do with it is going to determine the success and whether or not people buy this game because you know, pure game, pure gamers like Tyler and myself, we judge games based off what they actually are. But companies see it as sales and how well this game cells will determine whether it's good or not, whether it's actually like at its core a good game and fun to play. It's gonna be the sale numbers that determine its success. You kind of kind of draw correlations and with paper Mario, with the origami King. Not a great game in either of our opinions but sold pretty well from Mario game. So like I I take it that the tendencies as a success, it's gonna be the same thing with genealogy, the Holy War and I hope it does well. I love Fire. I'm a lifelong fan of Fire now it's uh franchise I have invested myself in completely, which is something I couldn't have said, see myself saying a couple of years ago, but you know, a lot, lots changed to seven, my gaming landscape and I just love the Fireman Lauren, all the stories and everything has has going for it. I'd be really excited. This is the next Fireman game we did talk about a couple weeks ago how the radiant games were the ones that are going to be remade and brought and not brought over the already in America in the west, but you know, brought to the switch, not ported but like remastered, remade again. It's the same thing with what I just said with jean Georges Holy War. Do you take the old ideas and keep it true and just really just upped the ante with, you know how, how it runs in frame rate and graphics and stuff? Or do you take the new ideas from three houses and implement them into an older game? And I'd be interested to see what that looks like. I hope that's the way it is, because I'd appreciate them taking that chance with these older titles, especially one that has never been in the west before where there's a fire in the fandom. So that's my opinion on it. What do you guys think if you're listening, let me know in the, with the links in the description, you can follow Tyler and I in the page, all that stuff down below, you're not gonna get Tyler say, but and lee please leave a rating and review. I'm not going to use my birthday as an excuse if you really do enjoy the episodes and you really do. You enjoy hearing us spew about Nintendo gaming for hour, hour and a half every day or in this case two hours. Not every day every week, but helps us out. A lot of kids in the algorithm. You guys have been listening to us as far as reviews go. We've gotten a lot here in the past. It doesn't look like a lot, but we've got more than we have in the past couple of weeks and it's really helped out the show as far as listens go and we really do appreciate that. So thank you guys for everything we owe you more than we can give you and we hope that these episodes are enough to suffice that. So with that said, we will talk to you guys soon and I love you guys.