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Getting Into a Clean House Routine [#006]

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**Subscribe and listen on any device.** ** [iTunes]( | [Stitcher]( |** ** ** [![Listen on Google Play Music](]( [![Listen to Stitcher](]( I love the promise of hope that a new or upgraded routine can give! We have created a challenge to help you do just that. Get the cleaning recipes, Power Plan and shownotes [here]( Listen to the full episode and subscribe here:

## What you will learn about developing a clean house routine:

Our challenge will help you Jumpstart your routine and it begins with a clean house. Subscribe so you don't miss the next two episodes in this series on getting your home and life together right now.

### Step One:

To start developing your own cleaning routine, print the Power Plan. You’ll want to take the Transfer of Information sheet and write out all the chores you want to do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Use our suggested lists if you prefer! Things like dusting, scrubbing the bathrooms, and mopping should be done every week not only because it keeps your house in great shape, but also because if you let it slide, it becomes a mammoth job! Cleaning it weekly might sound time-consuming, but keeping this practice up means that a chore like scrubbing the bathroom doesn’t take that long because it truly isn’t that dirty. Letting it go for weeks on end really does mean you will spend longer on the cleaning over time. Tidying up clutter, wiping down all surfaces like the kitchen counter and bathroom sinks, should be done daily. It is really up to you what you want to do monthly. Some examples of monthly chores are cleaning out closets or cabinets. Quarterly chores are often the things I really don’t love to do like pulling out the fridge and cleaning behind it or washing curtains or duvet covers and couch covers. Annual chores are often larger and can include repainting, or scrubbing down and fixing up certain areas of the house that might have taken a beating, like a laundry room. [Join the conversation]( on clean house routines and get personalized help in our private community of SuperMoms. [![clean house](](