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Getting Real With the Housewives Snippet: Kandi Burruss on Season 13, and Which Housewife is the Worst Dressed

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Us Weekly's Getting Real with the Housewives
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Audio Snippet of the Getting Real With the Housewives Podcast. RHOA star Kandi Burruss sits down with Us Weekly to talk all things season 13 and what she really thinks of the newcomers to the show. Plus, she confesses which housewife is the worst dressed while letting us know what went down at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party.
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definitely Well before we wrap up doing this with all the housewives that little game called Housewives Confessions. So a little rapid fire fun questions about your cast and other housewives. So out of out of everybody in your cast, who would you say is the best and worst dressed Or somebody that needs to up their style A little bit s you said in the cast now? Yeah, the best dress. Oh, the best dress now. Oh, I guess I would give it Thio Marlowe. Okay, that's what you said is well, e guess I would have to give true the needing to up her game a little bit. Cynthia said that as well. Sorry. That's OK. Which house? Why would you call it a bail? You out of jail? I would build me out of jail. E wouldn't call any of them. I have to call myself for that. A lot of people do say that they would call you so e a take a house away from another franchise that you would love to come on your show. So I would probably say from Atomic Giselle, because I know she would get some good drama totally and Plus, she'd be back and forth from Atlanta anyway. Uh, that's true, Giselle. Or Mony one. Nice. And from Beverly Hills, Garcelle or Erica Jane. Nice. All good choices. Good choices. Erica is from at Land O. That's true. Yeah, and I want to see her when she came to perform one time and and just and what I had to do a commercial her before, And I just felt like we kinda clicked, you know, she gave she gave me that Atlanta girl like she's from Atlanta. You know what I mean? I felt it. So I'm like, Yeah, she could we could hang together. Totally got a good vibe. This is a funny question. If you could swap house husbands with anyone, who would it be? A No, no, no. Uh, no. Uh, if you were trapped on a deserted island with one of the women, who would you want it to be? And why no e o worries. No worries. Okay, Andy, thank you so much. I'm so excited to see the upcoming season. Those guys back YouTube. Bye. That's it for this week's episode of getting real with Housewives. But if you want more housewives news heading over to us magazine dot com where we've got you covered and