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Collaboration Between The Jewish and Sicilian Mafia

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Last Played: December 22, 2021
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In the world of organized crime, the path to the top is paved with blood. Here's how the Jewish Mafia made their way up the ranks, from dodging the government to becoming friendly with the Sicilian Mafia. Sometimes, it's not just about the family, it's about the friends you make along the way.
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you would expect this, the fascist governments of the time did clean up the criminal, the communist elements of this sort of thing. And it would only make sense that they would that Mussolini would would try to take out the mafia. And uh those some of them were imprisoned or killed or whatever. Some of them like, like like I wrote uh like christian rites escaped to America and became major figures. And in fact it was kind of interesting. I think it was the FBI actually approached one of the jewish Mafiosi who was sitting in prison at the time and still running his operation from prison. Uh There are movies like that, but it actually happens in real life. Uh And uh and said, you know, we need help defeating Mussolini and and he said oh would be glad to help. And so the FBI made this arrangement. I was with him and with some of the other Mafiosi who are uh italian or jewish and uh actually a certain sense enable them to continue their crime syndicate in exchange for helping in the U. S. War effort against against the Axis Powers. And I just found that fascinating Now the the other thing that happened at that time uh that uh led to the rise of the jewish mafia. And is that in uh There is a major conference of crime bosses in Atlantic city new jersey in 1929. And um up to that time there's been a lot of you know infighting between different different groups which is difficult of crime syndicates uh and uh and killing each other off and in that year. Uh That's the same year as the the stock market crash that led to to the Great Depression. Uh Charles, Lucky luciano was the first Sicilian to cooperate with the jewish mafia and the so called catholic Italians, traditionally aboard the jewish Gangsters. Uh they consider them untrustworthy and without the least sense of honor, which is kind of ironic, but there is kind of an honor code or there was at least in the Sicilian mafia. And just as an aside, uh, which to go back to an earlier point of yours, um, the Sicilian mafia is developed more into La Cosa Nostra, which a lot of people don't know is actually, um, the jewish run. And so what you were talking about earlier about this, this, uh, uh, stuff pornography over there being jewish run. That makes sense. But at any rate, um, the IT max, any luciano and the five Sicilian crime families and Meyer Lansky and the jewish gangs, uh, set up a syndicate, actually had a board of directors. So basically it was set up on a corporate basis. Um, and uh, uh, they, in order to expand their business, um, instead of killing each other, they established an organization that divided up territories and, uh, types of criminal activity among the various bosses and they could hire each other's services. Uh, so, for example, is very popular. I hate to use that word, but very popular, uh, if they needed to bump somebody off, they would hire a hit man from somebody else is, uh, a gang. Uh, so that the crown could be traced only was much more difficulty because they come in, they knock them off and get out and then the police wouldn't have enough evidence to be able to trace the perpetrate.
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